Monday, April 9, 2012

U Rock

Here is the card I made for Blake, Kristy's boyfriend.
It was his birthday yesterday and had planned to use this image on his card.
Blake enjoys playing guitar as well as other instruments, so I figured this image was perfect for him. It is from Tickled Pink stamps.

This was the image that I had lost in my computer. I wasn't sure if the company was going to send me the file in my email, or if it just got downloaded on its own.
It got downloaded on its own, and Wayne and I couldn't find it anywhere.
Kristy found it for me and put it in a file so I know where it is now ;)

The inside of his card.
I always have trouble with masculine cards. Even though my cards are pretty plain compared to others out there, I still have a bit of trouble with the manly ones.

Onto My Day:
Picked up my completed income tax from the accountant...Yikes is all I can say :(
Kristy had the day off school so we did a bit of running around.

Kristy wanted hamburgers for supper so I stopped off and picked up some frozen patties.
When I went to cook them up, the wax paper that separated the patties were stuck on them. I couldn't get it off. So I brought them back to the store. I figured that they had probably thawed out some time during transport to the store.

Tonight we are enjoying our shows, Bones, House and Leverage. Since Castle is a repeat :(

Hope you had a creative Monday :)
Oh ya, we had some snow today :(

Tracy :)


  1. so fun! i know he will love it!

    1. Very appropriate card for the guitar player. Great job. Boo on the snow. I hope our nicer weather is headed your way.

  2. Great card! I'm avoiding our CPA til the bitter end....

  3. Nice card. I like how you did his hair.

  4. What a cool card, glad Kristy found your image :) Too bad about the patties, hope there wasn't an issue with returning them. Sorry about the snow. If it makes you feel any better, we have a freeze warning tomorrow... :)

  5. Fab card, I love the cool image and the colours
    Lindsay xx

  6. Excellent boy card! That is a cool image and the inside is great :o) Hugs!

  7. Cool card! I hope all goes well with the taxes!

  8. Great image for a young adult male! Glad that you found it! He shares a birthday with my SIL. :0)

  9. Very cool card! Manly/boy cards are hard for me too. Love that rocker image! Too fun. :)

  10. Hi Tracy
    Your image works fabulous with the papers on this great creation.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  11. Love the image great card!!! Hard to believe we were wearing shorts a month. Where did all the nice weather go:( lol Leigh

  12. love the card, it is definitely perfect for a teen boy! Castle being a repeat was a big bummer, but worse, Revenge is a "recap" of the season tomorrow night :( I think the shows are putting out less and less shows every season.

  13. Lovely and cule card and it is perfect for a boy.Hugs Merethe

  14. Awesome card! I'm sure he loved it!


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