Thursday, April 19, 2012

I think she was delusional

Isn't this paper so pretty :)

I coloured up this cute Pure Innocence image with my Copic markers. I then paper pieced her dress with some of the pattern paper from this same collection.
I drew and coloured the sidewalk on some X-Press It paper and then adhered it to the base of the card.
Popped the image up with some dimensional foam.
It was going to be to difficult to fussy cut the skipping rope out, so I made my own with some twine.

I was planning on just cutting a square shape out from the image, but it covered to much of the background paper and I wanted the birdies to be focused.
So I fussy cut her out, and my whole card took a whole different turn.
I like how it turned out.
Don't you love when that happens. You plan for a project to be a certain way, but comes out so different then what you had planned. You get 2 ideas out of one project ;)

The inside of this card.

Onto My Day:
I had to go for my yearly check up today.
Everything seemed good. Well, I guess I should say nothing has really changed, lol.
Funny Story:
As I was leaving, I had to make an appointment for Heather.
When the receptionist punched in her name she asked me: "Did you say Heather was your daughter?"
Me: "Yes, she is."
Receptionist: "Is she 21 yrs old."
Me: "Yes, she is."
Receptionist: "I thought you were about that age! I was shocked to see your daughter 21!"
Me: "Seriously, lol. I have been told I look young, but not that young."
Receptionist: "Well can I ask how old you are?"
Me: " I am going to be 45 this July."
Receptionist: " Wow, whats your secret? What type of cream do you use on your face."
Now I was going to say something really silly and get her going, but I just couldn't do it.
Me: "I don't use anything on my face. It must be all those preservatives in the chips and pop I eat."
Receptionist: "And you eat junk food too, its just not fair."

I thought it was funny.
Why am I telling you all this? Because I can, lol.
Yup, I am shouting it loud and proud, because any day now everyone is going to think I am twice my age not 1/2 my age, so I will take it when I can ;)

Hope you all had a creative Thursday :)
Tomorrow I am making a run for the border ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Love the card! The paper is really pretty! Thats a great story, I have always looked younger than i really am but I would just like to look my age. Lol. Leigh

  2. Ok....the card is beautiful and all BUT being confused for 21, OMG that's major!! My husband and always laugh about not being carded anymore. I always wonder, when did I get to the point that people just know I'm old enough to drink, lol. Have a good one!!

  3. HA! LOVE it! Sooo funny! And your title for the post made me smile right away, I HAD to find out who was delusional and why. ;0p
    You must be floating on cloud 9. :0)

    The card is darling and I like that you used twine for the rop- it adds dimension. Great job on free-handing the sidewalk and grass too! :0)

  4. What a great card, it makes me think back to oh so long ago when I would skip rope on the sidewalk. I love how the sidewalk, I thought it was a stamp at first until I read that you drew it.
    You do look very young, and you should be proud. Since I am older I wonder just smearing potato chips on my face and neck would remove all the wrinkles? ;)
    Okay, when you reach the border or beyond give me a call and I will get up on my tippy toes and wave, you should be able to see me fairly well. lol

  5. Great looking card. I like the sidewalk, I like colouring of the little girl, I like the birds on the paper and the jump rope out of twine. Harlee and Nic got skipping ropes in their Easter baskets. I'm surprised one hasn't strangled the other one yet.
    What a compliment that you are so young looking!!!
    Safe drive to the border tomorrow. I am headed back to Helena in the am.

  6. Wow this is such a cute card and I love how you used the twine like that - very clever!!!

  7. LOL! I would be giving that receptionist a giant bear hug! I'm "pinning" this card. Love it!

  8. oh my gosh that card is just awesome!!! i love the paper piecing!!

  9. What a cute card! Love the twine jump rope!! 1/2 your age! Holy cow! More that's a compliment!

  10. Cute card! Love that image, so crisp and clean. What a lovely girl at the dr. office! I want her to wait on me! Though I do use Philosophy on my face and I can tell it's working every time I see my brother who 13 months older and already has laugh lines. My face is perfect! LOL. Not really but you know what I mean. :)

  11. OOOO shopping today! I'm reading this the next morning obviously. I love love love the card. Is that songbird collection by Prima? Oh and it's got a sidewalk! Does that mean this one is mine too LOL. And you should shout it from the rooftops that someone thinks you are so young, I know I would.

    Every time someone calls me maam instead of miss or "the lady" I cringe. I still feel like a teenager just a lot smarter. Why couldn't my husband be a plastic surgeon?!

  12. And another darling card with your genius-ness to do the rope with real twine and nice job on the sidewalk feature!

    And "hell yeah!" on the looking young ego boost! I haven't ever been confused for being in my 20's since hitting my early 40's, but I had some lady tell me last year that when I hit 40 I'm gonna need glasses to read. Ummmm... I'm 46 and my vision is better than when I was in my 20's.

    Yes, take them compliments as long as they're coming, and publish it for the world to know! Did you give the girl $20 for making your day? ;)

  13. Lovely card - great idea with the twine.

  14. Great card! Don't you just love messing with people? Love that story :o) Hugs!

  15. Great card! Great story, too. I just turned 42 and often get mistaken for being 20 something, although it's been awhile since I've been carded. I get it from my mom. She just turned 77 but looks 20 years younger.

  16. Love the bg paper with the birds. PShaw you look great and that's why people can't tell your age!

  17. Great story! Isn't that a great ego boost. Your comeback was perfect. I hope chips do help us stay 'young.'

  18. Great Card Tracy, the paper is so sweet.
    love the story about the doctor's receptionist, I am off to eat some chips and drink some pop lol actually its Friday Night it will be a glass or 2 of Wine he he .
    have a great weekend

    Yvonne :)

  19. that is so pretty! you are so good at all of the coloring and piecing! I also love the attention you give to the inside of the cards!

  20. This looks she really is skipping on the sidewalk...great design...tfs

  21. Love the card - you have very very Copic capable!

  22. OMG you are too funny! Preservatives. LOL OMG I laughed so hard I scared the dog. LOL
    Love this card and now I guess we are even. After seeing your card here ( stunning) I had to go buy that stamp. Thanks Trace. LOL
    Big hugs,Pea


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