Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 1 of my Defunkifying Sunday

Remember the message book I altered yesterday?
Well I decided to put a label on it. It just seemed to plain without one.
I took a tag from 7 Gypsies. I then backed the tag with black card stock and then with white card stock.
I think this tag is appropriate for this message book.
I also like that I can uncoil the front cover and put it on a new one when this one is full.
I just want to tell all of you that thought it was a long drawn out pain to uncoil the binding. It was so easy. It was punching the tiny hole that took the time.

 Step 1 to "Defunkifying my life".
Now the first challenge was to organize a junk drawer. Funny thing is, this could take up the whole 21 days for me, as I have so many junk drawers, lol.
I wanted to tackle my mail area.
I have a drawer in my kitchen that is dedicated to mail. I even made wooden dividers in it.
But the mail doesn't seem to get past this cabinet anymore.
So I wanted to figure something out to keep it organized as well as pretty.

What I did was purchase this hanging file folder and this mail sorter from Staples.
They are 2 separate pieces. I added some non-slip mat underneath so it stays put.
I also added our family calender in the back.
The mail sorter has 3 slots and one teeny tiny one. The higher one is for company  business and holds the message book, the next one down will hold the company's tickets and such that aren't mine and need to go to their rightful owners ;)
The last mail sorter slot is for bills that need to be paid. Notice it is empty :)
Yes they are all labeled ;)

Everyone in the family has their own file folder. I also made a file for Company papers that I need for month end.
I also have a blank file just for an extra.
I made each tab in that persons favourite colour :)
So when the mail comes in, I will slip it into their file folder and then they are responsible to check their file.

Here is the cabinet all nice and neat :)
Is it odd that this makes me soooo happy. Seriously nothing makes me happier then organization. Well I am sure there are a few things, but this is up there in the top 5 :)
See that drawer, that is my next thing to de-funkify. It is my stationary drawer. I am in there (as well as everyone else) many times a day.
I have organized this probably last year, and boy does it need it again :)

Onto My Day:

Wayne and I went out early this morning.
Well it was early for me, its the weekend, a day to sleep in ;)
I ran out and picked up some flowers and such for the pretty container you see on my cabinet.
I will share with you how I did this tomorrow. Don't want to over stimulate you, lol.

Hope you all enjoyed a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh my goodness Tracy. I don't know you very well. (but I hope to) If I had a family that large organization would make me very happy too. Me, I just have one grown up daughter who doesn't want children, so I have a very quiet life. Me and my cat. Me and the boss I should I really like those file folders. They are very neat looking and go great with any decor.

  2. I got one of my expedit cabinets for my craft room up today, so I am sorting and organizing. I soooo need you to help me! ;0)

  3. Those flowers are so pretty. I like how you arrange them. I might pick some flowers from our garden and bring it inside too. =)

  4. I completely understand the happiness that comes with organization. I spent yesterday and today vacuuming and mopping my floors. Why yes, yes it does take me 2 days. On Saturday I vacuumed for 3 1/2 hours straight and today (well now it's tomorrow) I mopped for a good 2 hours, cleaned my kitchen, wiped down my washer and drier, completely ignored putting away my children's laundry that has been sitting there for a week now, cleaned the living room furniture and had to do it again after the kids went to sleep. Edited the death of my Big Shot produced it in the wrong format so it didn't upload correctly and am now doing it over and came down to the dungeon and set up my Vagabond and ate some snickers that I have stashed away. Yes, yes I stash chocolate too LOL. Then I realized I have been a bad friend and forgotten to check your blog so now I'm leaving one of my famous long winded run on sentence comments that you oh so love :D I glad you're feeling defunked. Oh and I finally have this awesome idea in my head for a project but I'm not telling a sole about it until I'm finished. I cannot wait to try it!

  5. Wonderful! Nothing makes me happier than organization either! Love it.

  6. Love to organization:)You did a really great job her.:):)Hugs Merethe

  7. I am always amazed at how many things we keep and never use again... "Just because it could come in handy some day"... Good luck with all that sorting out! And this mail divider is a great idea :)

  8. oh i love to organize and i love your mail system!! very fun!!!

  9. It turned out wonderful and I love how you personalized it with everyones favorite color! It looks so nice and clean, what a beautiful job!!!! I can't wait to see more!!

  10. I love how you organized the mail caddy! I SO need to do this! Most of my junk mail ends up on top of my dryer! I have got to figure out something to get rid of that mess! Love Penny

  11. I hope this really helps you get out of your funk! Great first step! File folders and that holder is a great idea. I'll be following your progress and maybe I'll set up some new things in my new house when I finally move in. :)

  12. Awesome! I love organizing ideas! :)
    New follower, here! :)

  13. Love your file folds and message book. Looks great!

  14. Awesome job! So pretty! Can you come over and organize my office? I pay well! :-)

  15. Wow, love the before and after pics! Great organizing :o) Hugs!

  16. Defunking can take a while, but it pays off. I won't show you pictures of my messy bedroom =)

  17. Great organization! I wish I could get in the "spring cleaning" mood and make my desk a little less messy lol.

  18. Simple stuff like this makes me happy too. No more 'where did that paper go?'. I have a metal blue file folder thingy from Target. Same concept. Its by the phone and holds bills, papers, notes etc.

  19. Love organizing too :) I can't believe you punched all those holes!! I say good for you because most people just butt the designer paper up to the coil :) and I can see why--looks like a chore!
    Beautiful out-come!

  20. I love organizing! Sometimes, more than I should. lol... I like how you gave everyone a folder for his/her own mail.

  21. I love organization so much too! It's a great feeling when everything is in its spot!! :)

  22. Back to organizing around here again too!... Donation bins are getting full - and I thought I decluttered when we moved!... Now with the reno's - still movin things out!...LOL.. But is nice to have a scrapbook room back again and it is fun to reorganize it again..

  23. Nice job organizing! The folders for each is such a great idea. We just found out we have to move because they are turning home I live in into a one family instead. We've been here for 5 years so I have so much stuff to organize and go's been fun. lol.

  24. I think the mail is the biggest challenge for most families and it's the littlest thing that makes the biggest impact. I know I felt much better when I made a new system for ours and it still works out great MANY months later! I still have a problem with the counter that it sits on though...that's mostly the hubby's doing.

    Looking forward to the drawer episode!

  25. I love your mail storage! Our mail is always a disaster and there are only two of us! Those file folders are a great idea, I think we should try something like that here!

  26. Wow, it looks great! I finally pulled all of my 2011 files to store them away :D Feels good to get them all put away. Every year I say I'm gonna keep up with the filing but sadly I never do, but hey maybe this is the year...right, lol! Take care & happy orginizing!

  27. Love what you did and I think I am going to really enjoy the de-funkifying process you are doing....I think we can all use that from time to time!

  28. Good job, please report back and let us know if they remember to check their folders.


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