Monday, April 16, 2012

Double Flower Vase

I shared my nice and neat message center yesterday. I still smile when I see it :)
The flower arrangement that was on my cabinet, I put together :)
I saw it on Pinterest :)  Then figured out how to make the container.
At least it wasn't on cooking or something weird like that this time ;)

I was going to do a photo tutorial to share with you all, but I totally forgot to take photos of the process.
Sorry, if you want to see how I made this you are going to have to check out the video. Its a short one though ;)
Hope you enjoy it.

Onto My Day:
We had a snow/ice day today.
Look at my angels all cold and covered in snow :(

The schools weren't closed but the buses were cancelled.
Kristy had a big presentation due this morning. I phoned the school to see if it was still going on, but for one thing the teacher wasn't even in today. So the secretary told me it was postponed.
The presentation she was to do was about her Co-op placement. Because she is in the bakery, she brought cupcakes to share with the class. Guess who got to enjoy some of those today, teehee.

Finished my mini album today:)
I also put together a card I have been working on.
But those are for another day :)

Hope you all had a creative snow-less Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Okay, your flowers and vase are so cool! But what do you do when you want to dump the water out? LOL!

    Here you are showing us a beautiful vase of spring flowers and then you give us that shot of crappy snow! Ugh! :) At least you got cupcakes today!

    So glad you finished your album! Can't wait to see it!

  2. Yay for cup cakes =) Great little flower arrangement!

  3. Oh my. It was 90 degrees here today. Sorry, don't mean to rub it in that it was 90 degrees here today. Did I mention how hot it was here? LOL. At least you got some cupcakes out of the deal. I love cupcakes. Instead I over ate on some peanut butter M&M's and a diet cherry coke. I really need to work on my diet. That was all I ate today until dinner and boy was I wiped out most of the day. No craftiness for me today but it's my own fault. I did buy some needed supplies for my "project". I hope to clean up mount some stamps, stamp out some images and get started on the project. No pictures of the cupcakes?

  4. Oh, poor angels! :0(
    It was rainy here and a bit chilly, but no snow came!

  5. I like your flower arrangement. I can see our snow from Sat. Hascreached you. Ours has all melted and it is warming up again. I can 't believe school stuff was canceled-it doesn't look like that much snow. Our schools are never canceled here in Great Falls.

  6. Beautiful flowers so bright colors great for spring. It's getting warmer here, I think today was in the high 80s, hope it stay that way for a while. I'm not ready for the super warm triple digits weather.

  7. what wonderful flowers!! i love flowers they always bring a smile to my face!! oh sooo sorry for the snow! we are in full spring mode here!

  8. Oh, you poor thing having to eat your child's homework! Hope you get spring weather soon. Pretty flowers!

  9. Beautiful flowers!
    But ugh the weather!

  10. Tracy
    Great idea, great tutorial, thanks.

  11. Cool vase! YUCK on the snow, we are warming up again finally :o) Can't wait to see you mini! Hugs!

  12. Yeah for cupcakes because I would definately need something yummy to make the snow worth it.

  13. Snow! I think we're done with snow here...hopefully. It was 80 today so I can only hope.

    You're vase looks so cool. Great tutorial!

  14. Yuck! Snow/ice in the middle of April! I'd be buying flowers too! Sounds like cupcakes helped. ;D

    Your flowers are really pretty and they really show up nice against the pebbles you used in the vase. I loved them on your desk!

  15. I love those flowers!

    I can't believe it snowed! But lucky you getting to have some of the cupcakes!


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