Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to use up those paper scraps and a great failed card

I made this card today, with a new stamp I had purchased.
My friend never told me if we should continue our Spending Freeze on craft supplies, so all is good ;)
She is a CC Designs stamp. I just love these stamps.
I can play around with my copics and still paper piece with these images.

When Sharon was over on Friday for Scrapbooking night last Friday. I did a bit of tidying up of the scrap/craft room.
I came across these paper strips that we had saved from when we did 8 1/2 x 11 layouts!!
Funny as we  never thought that we would ever do 12 x 12 layouts.  Now this was about 15 yrs ago, lol.
So these are the strips that we cut off from those 12x12 papers.
I was going to throw them out (like I don't have enough scraps). Sharon suggested that I should bring them to camp for the camp fires.

 But I thought of another plan. I had seen this done before and then again on pinterest recently, so I thought I would give it a go.
First thing I did was separate the strips by colour. 

Then I took a piece of copy paper and cut into a 5x5 square and put adhesive on all 4 edges and a bit in the middle of the paper.
I picked out some colours that I thought looked good together and stuck them on the copy paper.
I let the paper strips hang over the edge.

 I then cut the paper overhang off.
I was going to sew the paper for a decorative look.
That turned into a disaster, lol. First I had to lug my old sewing machine out from all the crap in my laundry room.
I had the wrong foot on the machine and broke the needle.
Then I had to find the correct foot for it, and another needle.
Once I got the machine ready, my tension wasn't correct and the threads balled up on the back of the paper.
I was soooo over sewing on my card.
I remembered I had this tape runner that looks like stitching.
Ohhh look at those beautiful straight lines, lol.
I finally realized a ruler was a great tool to get the lines straight.

Here is the finished card.
Even though nothing worked the way I wanted it to, I think it still came out pretty darn cute.
I also wanted to show you that I never get rid of a project that doesn't work out. There is always a way to fix them. With this card I just hid the parts I didn't get straight with the image and some embellishments ;)

Here is a closer look at the coloured image.
I coloured her with my Copics and paper pieced her dress.
I wish this Spellbinders die had in between sizes.
I would have loved one die a tad bigger then the smallest one here, and a tad smaller then the largest one here.
I will have to look into this.

I picked up these cute butterfly embellishments from Michael's about a month ago....before the spending freeze.

Here is the inside of this card.
Look at these nice straight stitching lines :)
The ruler trick worked.
I don't think I will be buying these stitch runners, if they even make them anymore.
If you rub the stitching it comes off :(

Onto My Day:
Wayne wanted to go for a drive, but I didn't.
So he asked if Ashley wanted to go with him and he would let her drive his truck. Now Wayne doesn't let anyone drive his truck.
I don't think he even likes when I take it, that's why sometimes I take it out just to bug him, teehee.
She was shocked and loved driving it.

I lost a Copic marker, E-00, somewhere. I have been looking for it for days.
Not only that, I also lost my cheater glasses.
I think I am a lost cause, lol.

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and a creative Sunday :)



  1. I recently purchased her too! I stamped her tonight but didn't color yet......I will have to make her into a card soon.... Will show you will I'm done... Yours is cute!

  2. That turned out great! I have abunch of papers, scraps , etc. that I have gotten tired of or no longer like...I am giving them to a local charity group that has young moms that get together and scrapbook ( otherwise I would throw them away... I know it seems wasteful....just do not want the clutter!) Great use of your strips! Lol on never doing 12x12 scrapping !

  3. Yeah for scraps. I always have a box of scraps I will dig into if making a card. Yeah for rulers to help make straight lines. Very cute card.
    I think Wayne is under the weather.
    Hope you have found your Copic and cheater glasses.

  4. I saw that stamp and even though she has a twilight zone face I really liked her. I may have to pick her up. Very cute. The card came out great! I think you should stop telling people where you messed up and just tell everyone the truth that you're just perfect :) Ugh, is the weekend over already?

  5. what a cute stamp and boy i love the coloring and paper piecing! great job

  6. Great save for your card. Love the paper strip look!

  7. That is a fabulous idea! There was a time I never thought I would do 12x12 layouts either. I thought 8.5x11 was so much easier. Now, I have a hard time with 8.5x11! :) I think I recognize some of that paper. I may still have a few sheets from that Provo Craft Slab!

  8. The faux stitching looks great! I totally understand the frustration with sewing on paper!

  9. I think it turned out adorable!
    I am always in awe of your coloring :)

  10. I love the stitching! I have never heard of these tape runner. I am going to have to find me one or two or all.

  11. Great way to use those scraps! Very cute card!

  12. I love the stitching look-I've never seen a tape runner like that, but will take heed of your advice. I have some stencils I use sometimes for stitching, and some stamps also. A hint I picked up on the nested dies: pick a size you like, and instead of actually cutting the shape, use it as a stencil. Trace a matte using the outer edge of the die, and a matte using the inner edge. This gives you a much narrower border edge than the nested sizes!

  13. Great save on the card! I did that the other day on a layout. I had to tear up a chipboard piece and it left a little tear in the paper. So I flipped the sketch and everything worked out!
    I have those stitch runners. I love the concept but they never worked right for me. I want to toss them but I can't.

  14. I can not believe how stinking adorable this card is! Well... yes I can, YOU made it :o) I love everything about this card and you are so rockin' those copics! You make me not want to color with my boring bics anymore ;O) Hugs!

  15. I love how you used some old scraps and made such a cute card! And I love your tips on how to correct some mistakes!!! E00, you must be dying without that one, that's the only one I use ALL THE TIME!!! Good luck, hope you find it, hugs, Roxy.

  16. Ahhh, so this is what the sewing machine was supposed to be for. The card looks cute with the "stitching", too bad the tape kind rubs off. That stinks! We crafters have to find ways to make our faux pas work out in the end! ;)

  17. I love your card, and the "stitching". I have the same issues with my sewing machine, but the last time my project got all messed up, I got frustrated and put it all away until I had the energy to deal with the messed up threads again...I'll let you know when that day is :)

    I hope you find your marker and your glasses, I just hate losing things!

  18. I really thought you stitched on that card! So cool, you know, except for the rubbing off part :) I like how you used your scraps for the background too! My dad is the same way with his truck. I've only driven it once! Hope you find your glasses, and your marker!

  19. Cute image and lovely colouring :) What a great idea to use your strips and I love that tape runner :) how handy was that!

  20. This is lovely Tracy love those Butterflies. thank you for your kind comments on my blog. What a stunning card I love how you have made this one great work well done
    Hugs Elaine


  22. Gorgeous card and dang girl that stitching looks real from way over here in Colorado! I might have to get me some of those. I bet after the second needle you were thinking of burning those papers!


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  24. Sorry, wanted to say, I tried those stitch rubons also, and had the same issues as you. So I am not a fan of them either. Love your card though... super cute!

  25. what a BEAUTIFUL card. I think this one is my new favorite for the year. yea, I know, you know- everything! LOL Just shows I have excellent taste my dear. LOL

    Oh well if you find your glasses you will find your marker and maybe your glasses can lead you to the phone to make a EYE APPOINTMENT! I went to my mammo missy, I promised I would now you said you would call the eye doctor...mmmmmmmmmm tapping my toes.
    Love ya,Pea


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