Monday, April 30, 2012

Dress Pattern

I have a wedding shower to go to this weekend, for my niece :)
I want to make her a special card.
I have so many ideas in my head, that I can't just pick one.
I came upon a pattern for this dress.
I just copied it on computer paper to try it out. so don't pay attention to the bad cutting I still can't find my cheater glasses.

I am still not sure if I am going to use this pattern for my card. If I do use this pattern, I am thinking maybe add some colour to the dress.
Here is the pattern if you are interested in it HERE.

Onto My Day:
I had to do a few errands today, like paying the property taxes :(
I also did some book work.

Then Kristy and I went out to look for some baskets for her cubbies in here room.
I think she is thriftier then I am.
We went to the dollar store, but the baskets were to small.
Then to Canadian Tire, but they were to big.
Then to Walmart (I never go there) but Kristy said they were to expensive.
She was so funny. She was complaining about the price, saying things like, "I thought Walmart was suppose have inexpensive things."  "They think this is cheap, these prices are way too much."
But what is even more funny is I was the one paying for them, lol.
So she wanted to go back to the dollar store, lol.

I will be working most of this week, Month End is here again.

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)
I am getting my zombie fix by watching Castle tonight, so funny ;)

Tracy :)


  1. The dress looks cool, can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Okay I'll bite, Castle, zombies?
    Good for your daughter on being thrifty, even/especially with your money. :)
    I have to work tomorrow but I need to upload a video, because I was a bad girl and did some scrappy shopping. Yikes!!!!!! I need to follow Kristy's lead and be more thrifty.

  3. Oh, I have seen that dress pattern used with patterned paper and it is soooo pretty! I hope you use it!
    Glad that Kristy is not aiming for the more $ ones because you are paying- good for her! ;0)

  4. Good luck on the card & don't work too hard!

  5. I am interested to see what you do with the dress pattern. Kristy sure had you running all over for those baskets. Good luck with month end.

  6. Tracy
    Thanks for the link for the dress. I think it would be lovely on a card.
    Go for it and if you don't like it use it for something else.:)

  7. Thanks for the link. I think the dress looks great. Uggggggghhh taxes...just puts one right in a foul mood!


  8. This is going to make a fab card! I noticed you commented on a post awhile back and you mentioned being local. I love finding local crafters and love seeing what they have been up to. Thanks for visiting!
    Shanna :)

  9. I love the dress pattern. It will make such a pretty card. Sounds like you have a thrifty girl - a wonderful trait.

  10. Thanks for sharing the dress pattern, I really like it. Isn't is great when our kids are thrifty even when its our money?

  11. I think the dress is awesome! It will make a very cool card.

  12. Great looking demo for that dress. You can make it look totally fabulous! Nice how Kristy was looking out for your pocket book :o) Hugs!

  13. I love that pattern! I think some distressing would add a little color but still go well with a wedding dress to add dimension.

    I'm cheap too!

  14. love the dress and the pattern. I think it will make an awesome card..

  15. FAB pattern Tracy love this dress , hugs Elaine

  16. Cute dress pattern

  17. I think that would make such a cool card! I hope you use that pattern just so we can see it finished :) I'm with Kristy, Walmart IS expensive! I think this was their plan all along. "hey, for years, let's offer people the lowest price and then we'll jack it up but these dummies will still think we're the cheapest because we're Walmart." Well, Kristy and I are on to them! Lol!

  18. ha ha, well you did good girl. You made your daughter cheap. LOL It is okay it is wise in the long run. LOL good for christy.
    back to work missy! call the doctor yet? LOL

  19. I love that dress! It would make a great card for a wedding shower!

  20. I love the dress,and thanks for the link.Hugs Merethe


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