Saturday, April 28, 2012

A little visit to our cottage/camp/lake house ;)

 Late last night we decided to go to camp for the day.
Wayne wanted to unhook his plow, as we are hopefully not getting a big dump of snow anytime soon.
So Kristy, Wayne and I left at little after 9:00am.
Doesn't this just look so relaxing?
It is, but today it was a bit to chilly for my taste.
It was about 10C / 50F. But the wind was chilly.
So I spent a lot of time sitting in front of the wood stove while Kristy put together our new coffee table/storage center.

 This is our camp/cottage/lake house. There are so many names for it, depending on where you live in Ontario.
The chipmunks even came to welcome us. I think they just wanted some sunflower seeds, but let me have my happy thoughts,, they missed us, lol.

This is my FIL's wife, Joy. They just adopted a new kitty. They named her Dolly. She is an indoor cat, but I think she wants to be an outdoor cat. Especially up at camp as there are so many things to look at and to chase ;)
Because there were so many rabbits the last few years, the fox have now discovered where to get a good meal, so I think it best that Dolly stay inside.

 I just love this photo of Joy and Dolly walking to the lake.

Onto My Day:
Kristy and I went for a few quad rides today.
It was pretty chilly on the hands, so I took some gloves.
I think I need a new bush jacket. I have no idea how old mine is and it is getting a bit thin.
But what I did notice is I only have one button left on it. As I was driving, my chest was getting pretty cold. That's when I noticed I only had one button left.
We were riding and I didn't want to go back to get another jacket, so I put the jacket on backwards. I must have looked a bit silly but it worked, lol.

I was a bit sleepy when we came home as I dozed off on the couch. Sitting in a curled ball, lol.
I hear "Tracy are you sleeping?"
Now I tell you, what kind of dumb question is that.
I know I have told my girls there are never any dumb questions. But when you see someone curled up on the couch, with a blanket wrapped around them, and there eyes are closed, and my mouth could or could not have been open.....I say it was closed.
Why on earth would you ask them if they are asleep.....  Dumb question.
And what does it matter. Why do men have to wake you up to ask you if you are asleep.
Do we ask them if they are asleep.....well then again they snore so loud we really already know the answer to that.
But seriously.

We also watched "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". I have read the book and it was very slow going.
But the movie was really good. Upsetting at times but real good.
As I was watching it I had to keep reminding myself to focus on the movie.
I kept thinking, I could be colouring right now, or doing some book work, or indexing some ink colours, or, or, or.
Are you like that?
If you just sit to watch television, you feel like you are not productive and need to multitask.

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. What a beautiful "lake house" you have. Love the lake and the scenery is so lovely.
    Your comments about having someone wake you while sleeping is spot on, especially about the snoring part. Bingo!
    Speaking of snoring I guess I better join him in bed before he snores too loud and makes it difficult for me to fall asleep (again!) :) zzzzzzz

  2. Looks like a wonderful retreat. Got a kick out of seeing Dolly on a leash. That is a very well behaved cat that will tolerate a leash and get to enjoy the outdoors.

  3. A little piece of paradise. I can't wait for the warmer weather also so I can get up to our camper. I love the serenity it provides. Hmmm, not sure if your husband should have taken the plow off yet, we do live in Canada you know.....he he. I think it must be a "man thing" to ask such silly

  4. Beautiful place you have :) how do you stay away! Glad you went out and had some fun :)

  5. gorgeous place! and love the cat on a leash - lol... i used to take one of my cats for walks.

  6. Love that place, looks like so much fun! Funny question, I can't honestly remember if anyone has asked me that while sleeping but, I do know that when I am Caleb will just come in and yell Mom 50 times :o) Cute kitty, probably best to keep her inside as to not get eaten :o) Hugs!

  7. Beautiful house, Tracy! It looks so peaceful. TFS. :-)

  8. I'm so excited you went to your camp/cottage/lake house :) I know you all love it there and I also know that when you go it's starting to be close to summer! Yahoo! I don' know if I've ever seen a cat on a leash, too funny! You know why they ask us if we're asleep? Probably because they want us to cook for them. A**holes. LOL!

  9. Absolutely hilarious picture in my head of you on a quad with your jacket on backwards... Now, that is genius! Yes, I do get asked that same dumb question when my family is around and we're just lounging about. DUMB question. haha! So yes, I do feel the same way about tv watching and wanting to be productive. I should get all my inks and stamps and work on my catalog while I sit there...great idea, Tracy. That will be my next assignment. Love the Joy and Dolly photo too! What a great spot you have up there-I'm feeling the need for a vacation, can I come for a visit?! :)

  10. Ah, lovely! It LOOKS like a really nice day! Oh, to look forward to floating out there! :0)

  11. Must be so relaxing there. It's nice to be outdoors by a lake. >.< My bakery went into the unfinish project pile. It's much more difficult then I thought. Hope you having a nice time camping. =)

  12. Great lake house! I wish my cat would walk on a leash.

  13. I didn't like the "girl with the dragon tattoo" it was very difficult for me to read. I didn't like the style of writing at all and it was really boring. I'll have to watch the movie to see what I think of the story line. How'd she get that cat to walk on a leash! That is the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I know it can be done but I don't know anyone, personally, that was successful at it. Going to camp must have been nice for you, I know how much you love it there.

  14. Lovely! Looks like a perfect place to get away and relax.

  15. What a nice place to get away! The jacket thing is funny but it works! I've done similiar things when cold.

  16. Lake house looks absolutely divine. I have read somewhere that the only question you absolutely, positively cannot answer YES truthfully is "Are you asleep?" Something to think about....

  17. Your cabin looks like such a great place to hang!! I bet the new kitty will want to come back!

    There ARE some dumb questions, those "here's your sign" kind of questions, and asking someone if they're asleep when it's obvious that they are, is one of those moments.

    And I don't care how silly it may have looked, but I give you 2 thumbs up for putting the buttonless coat on backwards.

  18. How fabulous Tracy , you are so lucky to have a retreat like this wow, looks like you had a fab time . Hugs Elaine

  19. What a gorgeous lake property! Splurge woman a new jacket (on the same trip when purchasing new crafting stuff)!!


  20. I am really afraid to come to camp. I know I will never want to leave. especially if you feed me! LOL and we go quading which I know I am gonna love, and swimming and crafting. ah that would be wonderful. I think it is on the bucket list. LOL How do you like that Tracy? You made the bucket list.... LOL
    Yes, men always ask dumb questions. they can't help it, they are just wired differently. LOL


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