Sunday, April 22, 2012

Defunkifying my Life..part 3

Today was another "Defunkifying my life" day.
After organizing my stationary drawer, my next task was to organize my desk area.
Well I don't really have a desk. I do all my blogging and colouring of my images here in the living room.
I know what your thinking, this looks nice and tidy.....this is the after picture, teehee.

Here is the before photo.
Let me share with you some of the things in this photo.
Just so you know I was working on a Design Team card so that is why so much stuff is out.
From left to right
-Red binders are my Project 365
-The plastic bag is full of odd socks, my girls were suppose to go through. Which I am just going to throw in the garbage soon.
-The brown boxes hold my current month business tickets that I am working on.
-I see my video camera.
-Container of my 6x6 paper packs.
-Lap desk with glasses
-Copics :)
-Oh ya and a Coca-Cola, teehee.

Here is the same view with everything nice a clean and put where it should be. I leave my laptop here all the time, as this is where I blog and search the web.
That pink string attached to my laptop...that is my ear buds (head phones). I leave them in my laptop all the time. That way if a blog has music, I can't hear it and it doesn't bother anyone else when we watch television. Plus if I want to check out a YouTube video, again it doesn't bother anyone, I just put the ear buds in :)
See how considerate I am ;)
I put the lapdesk under my laptop. If I colour or do my book work I will just take it out from under the laptop to use it.

 My dad gave me this old school desk. I use it as a side or end table.
I keep my camera, camera cord and a note pad there.
And a secret stash of chocolate...Busted, lol. Picked up this treat when we were across the border ;)

Here is the same space a bit more organized.
I had one of these containers from the dollar store. I think it may be a remote control holder.
I put my camera cord, flash drive, cheater glasses and I will put my camera in there as well.
I keep this desk lamp here as well.
When we are watching movies at night, everyone likes to watch them in the dark. So, because I am considerate, I will turn on this desk lamp and focus the light on the image that I am colouring. This way I am not interrupting the movie watchers.
Notice the chocolate stash is gone....ya I ate it, lol.

So there you have it, my organized so called "desk area".
Some tips to organizing your area.
1. Remove-Take everything off of your area/desk
2. Clean- use some cleaner and wipe the area down
3. Sort- Put all like items together.
4. Purge- Get rid of papers and such that don't belong.
5- Organize- Put away and organize the remaining items.
 Is your junk/stationary drawer still organized?
Now go and clean off your desk :)

Onto My Day:
We stayed home all day.
Wayne worked all day on his paper work.
I finished my card for my Design Team. I had such a cool layout I had drawn out last week for this one, but it wasn't going to work out. Still happy with how it turned out though.
Kristy set up the trampoline, lets hope that is the end of the snow :(

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I love your defunkifying process! and I just found a forgotten stash of chocolate!! yay for chocolate.

    I'm totally drooling over all your copic markers..!!! ;)

  2. Oh my i could never have such a small space...i have way tooooo much stuff....years and years of crafting and i can't seem to get rid of anything...oh btw...i've been thinking real bad about getting some copics...but man are they pricy and i would have to have all the day..great share..thanks

    1. Teehee, I have a whole room dedicated to my crafty goodies, and it is getting to small to hold all my goodies.
      I just bring my colouring upstairs. My hubby likes for me to watch tv with him, so I have to do something while watching the boob tube, or I feel like I am wasting my time, lol.

  3. Tracy
    Thanks for a peek into your creating life. Love the chocolate bar hanging out with your goodies.

  4. I've been getting myself pretty organized lately too, in my scraproom and little by little the kids area in the basement. There is actually nothing left for me to organize in my home. How sad is that. Everything is constantly clean and organized to the point of being sad lol. Looks like I might have to start reorganizing. There still is a chance our mortgage might not go through (crossing fingers) so I'm scared I might jinx myself if I start packing.

  5. I *should* do my junk drawer!
    Great clean up!

  6. I hope it is the end of your snow too. Good work on your decluttering. I need to do that too.

  7. your old school desk!

  8. TFS! I need to get through all my Easter Eggs still! Wow - what a job! :D LOL!

  9. Wonderful work you have done,and wooow!!!!!love your copic,you have so many of them!!!!
    Hugs Merethe

  10. Holy Copics Batman! Color me jealous! I have 6 of those markers.

    And that desk - to die for! How cute is that?

  11. well I think I need more details of this challenge. Is it one a day? one a week or what? 21 day? I didn't see the details but I will go back.
    Hugs my friend and thanks for the inspiration.

  12. oh your organizing is turning out great! are you having fun with it?

    i just helped my hubby clean his closet and get organized! i love to organize

  13. It looks neat! Very comfy.
    And a large collection of copics to boot ;)

    It just needs a blanket to curl up under, heheh.

  14. You are doing such a great job with your organizing! You are inspiring me to get going on some much needed projects around here!

  15. You are an organization inspiration! And I LOVE mallowcups but I can never find them anymore :-(

  16. I think you need some more Copics :)

  17. I love organizing but can never seem to keep it looking like the finished product for too long. Love your copic holder and all your markers.

  18. Great organization!! LOVE all those copics!!!

  19. I so need to organize and clean. Your spot looks great! And it never actually looked that messy to begin with. :)

  20. You are doing an awesome job on this organizing kick! Hugs!

  21. I am suffering from serious Copic envy!!

  22. Your spot looks pretty organized in all the pics - well, compared to mine. I can't quite seem to get "like items together" - they all want to scatter about! I also think I need to expand my chocolate stash area! :P

  23. amazing collection of copics - so far, i've managed to only get 3. lol... oh, and great job organizing!

  24. You inspired me! I started organizing my bathroom. I didn't buy anything, just used what I had. It worked out really well and it feels so nice to be organized!

  25. Your desk area looks awesome! And now I want some chocolate!

  26. That is so organized! I love how you are so considerate of everyone else with your ear buds and the light. They must really appreciate that!

    I'm with Becky though - your pictures totally made me want some chocolate...

  27. Well, I'm glad to see you ATE the chocolate in the sake of organization! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! ;)

    I managed to get a little organized in the entertainment center cabinet. I used 4 baskets and need more, but I bought all they had. It's a major improvement over the way it was. Now I just hope it stay this way!

  28. Way to defunk! But hey seriously, you know you'd never make it onto the hoarder's show in your before pics:)!! Now those are some people in need of some serious defunking. Looks fabulous



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