Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Gorjuss

My friend and Stampin' Up lady, Lynne had a card making party tonight and invited me :)
The theme of the night was using up your scraps.
Now I know we can all use a little paper scrap usage ;)
So what we did was use the negative part of a die and filled it in with strips of various pattern paper that were in her stash.

Here are all the ladies cards. I love how all of us used the same materials but each of us made a different card.
I forgot my camera at home, so Denise was kind enough to take this photo and email it to me.
Thank you Denise :)

As I had mentioned yesterday I had to make a run for the border. It was a PD day here, so Kristy didn't have school, but she wanted to still go to her Co-op placement.
So we waited until she was finished at noon. Then Sharon, Heather, Kristy and I went. We enjoyed some lunch and I picked up my packages.
One of them had this little cutie in it.
Ohh your thinking I bought it, and I am suppose to be on a spending freeze. 
But nope, Pea sent it to me. Isn't she a sweetie :)
This is my first Gorjuss girl stamp. I tell you once this spending freeze is over I am so going to be buying me some more of these cuties :)

Onto My Day:
I was surprised this morning when Wayne comes in the door from work. He never comes home during the day. Then he starts taking off his work boots, like hes planning on staying.
Turns out he had some paper work to do. Which he is still working on I might add.

I am planning on getting into my craft/scrap room tomorrow and tidying it up...well at least the desk anyway ;)   I am hoping to create, and maybe colour a few images. Can you guess which one I am going to start with ;)

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love the stamp....we need to get together soon.... Been way toooo long!

  2. Great cards made by all. Love this stamp, it is so stinkin' cute! Looking forward to what you will make with it. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Your new stamp is so sweet! Is gojus the name of the stamp line?

    Great idea to use the scraps as strips in a negative; i am going to have to try that!

  4. Beautiful stamp and I love your cards - great use of the negative space. My craft room is getting unenterable so I think I need to tidy up a little too :D

  5. Great idea for using what is left over from a die cut. TFS!

  6. Hi Tracy, I tried to join your site but the follow button did not work. Just wondering if it's on my end or yours.
    Thanks Lorraine

  7. Your cards using scraps are really cute. I am totally in love with those Gorjuss stamps and just bought that one too! I just posted a card that I did with one on my YT. I am going to order a few more to help with my addiction. Have a great weekend

  8. Love that stamp - and it's so fun to see all those cards!!!

  9. Love the card! That was really sweet of Pea, very cute stamp! Hope you have a great weekend! Leigh

  10. Oooh, I do love all the cards made at the crop, so awesome!

  11. Well...gee...which stamp will it be?! LOL! You crack me up :0)))))

    Great challenge and some were really cool designs too - how fun!

    Share your coloring with us soon :)

  12. What a fun Friday night! I love all of your cards :) So, SO sweet of Pea to send you that stamp! I love it and can't wait to see how it looks when you use it! Good luck getting your room/desk picked up. I just finished making a couple of things in my room this morning. I have a few more things to get done tomorrow, after I get home :)

  13. What a great idea to use the dies like that!

  14. Nice card! It's nice to use up all those scraps that just accumulate.

  15. That stamp is too cute!!!!

    I'm always trying to use up my scraps, but I'm not so great at it! You ladies made some wonderful cards!

  16. Hi Tracy, love all the cards and that stamp is really great too. Have fun cleaning up, lol ;D

  17. Very pretty cards and what a lovely way to use up all those scraps.....


  18. So glad you liked her. I knew she belonged with you when I saw the skirt.
    Big hugs,Pea

  19. What a cute idea for a die cut on a card! I just designed a card in my Cricut program that has an opening and this would be perfect! I've seen it before, just never think of doing it.

    Sounds like you had a fun day with the girls... that sure is a cute stamp ~ and how sweet is the spelling of the stamp company's name?!!


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