Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs :)

 Today was full of chocolate delight ;)
I make these marshmallow eggs every year for my FIL, Ray.
Actually everyone gets them, but mostly for my FIL.
One year I made him a huge one. The mold was for a large hollow chocolate egg, but I filled it with marshmallow. He ate the whole thing in a day or two. My MIL, Cil, was not impressed, lol. 
Don't they look yummy......they are ;)

I thought I would give you a little tutorial on how I make them.
You will need a egg mold (actually any shape will do ;)
Some Chocolate wafers. I like Merkins light. They are a milk chocolate, not light as in diet ;)
Lastly some marshmallow spread.

You can either melt the chocolate in the microwave, which I used to do.
But I prefer to melt it on the stove top now, as I make bigger batches.
I make a double boiler from a pot (put water in the pot) and put the bowl on the top. Make sure your bowl can handle the heat.
Dump some of your chocolate in the bowl and wait for it to melt.

Once the chocolate is melted you want to keep it at a low heat. Chocolate will clump if it is to hot.
If this happens I lift the bowl off the pot for a few seconds. I also add more chocolate waffers as this will also cool it down.

Now its time to fill your molds. I like to fill mine up as I want the chocolate to go all the way up the mold form.

Now I turn the mold upside down on wax paper to let the chocolate drip out.
We just want the molds to be coated at this point.

See the molds are now coated.
Every once in a while you want to put the excess chocolate (on the wax paper) in the freezer to solidify so you can remelt it for more chocolaty goodness ;)
See here are the chocolate egg cups.
I also take a flat piece of plastic and scrap the tops of the eggs. I want to get the excess chocolate off the molds. It just make your finished product look more clean and professional, and you won't have to scrap the edges of the chocolate eggs when you are done.
After that you put the mold in the freezer to solidify for the next step.

Now time for the yummy marshmallow :)
I buy marshmallow spread to put inside the eggs. You can add anything you want to the inside of it.
But if you are using the marshmallow spread, it is very sticky. So once you put a blob in there let it sit for a bit to settle down. Or another trick is to have a glass of water and dip your finger (or the back of a spoon) in the water and press the marshmallow down a bit. The water keeps the marshmallow from sticking to your finger. You just want to dampen you finger.

Now to cover up that marshmallow, or what ever you are putting inside them.
Put on enough chocolate to cover the the filling and so it is level to the mold edge.
Then tap the mold on the counter ( just pick it up and drop it) to get any air bubbles out.
You don't want any marshmallow filling to peek out of the chocolate. If it is the marshmallow will slowly seep out of your egg.

Put it in the freezer one last time to solidify the chocolate and then enjoy :)
I cut one in half so you can see the ooey gooey goodness inside ;)

These are so good. I think I may try caramel in the next batch. Kind of like my chocolate turtles I make at Christmas but for Easter treats. Now those sound good as well ;)

As I was making these, Kristy was decorating a cake for her boyfriend. It is his birthday tomorrow and she wanted to make him a cake.
I will share that with you tomorrow, I don't want to overload you on sugar now do I ;)

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)
Oh and I am so happy you all had a good chuckle out of my story yesterday. I love some of your responses. You ladies crack me up.
Thanks for that :)

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy, these looks so delicious. I can almost taste them if I close my eyes real tight, catch a whiff of milk chocolate....hmmmmm, yummy and no calories....he he Enjoy your holiday!

  2. They look delicious! Happy Easter!

  3. Your chocolate marshmallow eggs do look very yummy. I like to melt my chocolate with the double boiler method too. You and your family have a wonderful Easter tomorrow. We have the grand kids overnight, with a egg hunt in the morning.

  4. Happy Easter - they look great.....yum :)

  5. Oh caramel sounds awesome! That and peanut butter are my favorite. Let me know what time I should be at your house!

  6. Those eggs look super yummy! My mom used to have tons of candy making molds for every occasion and in between, not anymore though. Hugs!

  7. Hmmm they look yummy!! Happy Easter :)

  8. YUM! I have not made chocolates in years! Never would have thought to use the marshmallow filling for them- brilliant!
    Is Kristy your baker? I have made homemade dingdongs using the filling- the recipe is on Martha Stewart (filled cupcake). Soooo yummy, but extremely high in fat! Made them for a classroom treat for one of my girls a couple of years ago!

  9. Yum!!!they look really yummy:):)Happy easter:):)Hugs Merethe

  10. Wow! these make me wish I could have sugar lol, they look yummy, what a clever lady your are. Hope you are enjoying the easter weekend
    Lindsay xx

  11. Is there a way to search your blog for a specific post/item? So many blogs have that feature. I followed a link here from another blog and I have looked through a couple of months of posts on your blog to see if I could find what she was talking about but no luck so far. I looked for a search option but didn't see one. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. I have been blogging for over 2 yrs now and am still not sure on how to add these neat features, lol.
      If you could tell me what the post is about maybe I could help you out?

    2. Thanks so much for replying!!! The other blogger was talking about how you made your own "sponge blocks" to use with the Tim Holtz sponge applicators for distress inks. Hope that helps! :)

    3. Here is the post you were looking for :)
      Hope it helps you out :)

    4. Thank you so much!!! I've seen similar ideas but it was so good to learn that an adhesive backed Velcro is out there. I hope my local JoAnn's has it. I have tons of those dollar stamps from Michaels so this is definitely an idea I will use. I have all the distress ink colors and, like you only have a few of the Tim Holtz tools (purchased with 50% off coupons!) since they are so expensive and I hate changing the little foam applicators! LOL!! The Velcro isn't attached very well to those expensive tools and you have to be so careful! Thanks again for giving me the link! I really appreciate it.

  12. I WAAAAANTTTTT! That's some mad baking skills:) Oh and I think there's a "SEARCH" gadget you can just add. I keep mine near the footer (bottom)

  13. Those look so good, and pretty easy too! I never would have guessed that though. They look and sound complicated, marshmallow eggs. Hmm. I know how you love your Easter candy, you haven't talked much about it this year :)

  14. Yummy! Those look sooooo good! Thanks for sharing!


  16. they look great, can I share a tip of mine, when I do chocolate in moulds like this I use a pastry brush or brand new small paint brush and paint the chocolate into the mould that way I dont waste any and I can make the mould layer as thick or thin as I wnat it :-) works great. Just a thought, Wend

    1. The first time I did some molds I did it with the brush, but it just took to long, and I am all about getting it done, lol.
      This way has no waste, as you re-solidify the chocolate and then remelt it :)

  17. You are so creative. I enjoy seeing all of your creations - both food and scrappy things.

  18. I wish you were my neighbour!
    you should move to BC =) your chocolates look so YUMMY!

  19. I used to love marshmallow as a kid, but not one of my things as an adult. BUT! Now that Brooke likes marshmallow, I could try these for her. The turtle idea sounds more like something I NEED! ;^)


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