Monday, April 23, 2012

You build it and the nice weather will come

Kristy put up the trampoline :)
The weather has been pretty nice the last couple of days. So Kristy decided it was time to put up the trampoline.
The grass is still brown, the leaves aren't out yet and the flowers haven't bloomed, but we are still pushing forward with getting ready for the nice weather :)

Onto My Day:
I was hoping to post my project today, but I haven't yet completed it yet.
I am so close to finishing it, but I needed to get some book work done.
I was going to share a sneak peek, but honesty I really don't like them. I want to see the whole project, I may be a procrastinator  but I don't like to be teased, teehee.

For all of you that thought my before pictures of my organizing looked good even before I started. Ohhh just stay with me, they get worse as I go along, believe me. I didn't want to scare you with the first few projects, lol.
A very short, boring post tonight, but I am tired and need my beauty rest ;)
You know I got to keep my 21 yr old good looks in check, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy, I can't get over how brown your grass is. We have had a couple days of light rain and our grass is super green, I don't think I have ever seen it this green so early. Maybe putting up your tramboline will help, tfs

  2. Can't wait to see what you're working on :D So THAT'S your secret, I better start hibernating to catch up or go back, lol!

  3. Yay for trampolines and beckoning warm weather!

  4. Geez now ya tell me it's sleep that makes you look so young, I've been wearing my potato chip mask (soaked in Coke of course) all weekend. Haven't noticed a difference yet but my dogs want to lick my face more than ever yet for some reason my husband isn't wanting to cuddle. hmmm :)
    So on a subject that has nothing to do with your post, when are my zombies coming back on? I miss WD so much it ain't even funny!

  5. Your grass will be greening up soon-I have that feeling. I mowed our grass today-i don't ever remember hsving to do this so early in the year. The ground is so dry underneath. And the damn mower, that just came out of the shop broke again. Makes my blood boil!

  6. I had heard about some snow out east (I think it was Quebec though) and hoped it was not there too! I am soooo ready for spring! Our tramp is out front right now, the back is too mushy!

  7. Your grass will be green soon, you'll see. I always wanted a trampoline, too old now, lol

  8. We are getting a cold front down here in Florida and snow in the east, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get warm weather soon. Your poor grass...LOL. Give it some water quick!! I think I can hear it gasping it's last breath!!
    I can't wait to see your new project!!

  9. ooooo I would love a bounce on that trampoline! clearly with no one looking and in the dark of course, it would look totally hilarious I'm sure? Looking forward to seeing your project

  10. oh my boys would love that trampoline!

    cant wait to see what you are working on!!

  11. Thanks for not being a tease :) I totally agree with putting the trampoline up, it's definitely going to bring warmer weather!! I wsd hoping to get crafty last night, but it didnt happen, and tonight is Abie's play, so I doubt I'll get down to my room tonight either. Guess there's always tomorrow!

  12. I sure hope the sunshine comes your way to stay very soon! Can't wait to see your project and to keep following your de-funkifying progress! :)

  13. Brooke would love the trampoline, but it ain't happening because in order to play on it, she would have to go outside and that would mean BUGS!! :O)

    No blooms for you guys and mine will be done before summer even gets here! crazy.

  14. Well the good news is you haven't had to do spring clean up yet:)!! But here's to hoping you have continued good weather with no burps of snow, sleet or otherwise craptastic winter weather


  15. Well Tracy, if rest is your secret, I must be gorgeous this morning because I just woke from a 12 hour slumber. I can't believe I slept that long. Thank goodness it is spring break here and I have no prior obligations.

  16. Great idea for using the trampoline to bring good weather! I hope it works :o) Thanks for not scarring us but, I still love how your organizing is coming along. Hugs!

  17. oh my please be careful of the son of 21 decided to do a flip. (keep in mind he has never been on one before) His buddy was doing them like crazy and he told my son the worst that could happen is if you over rotate you will land on your tummy...Well he didn't say anything about under rotating...let's just say he fractured his T1 and was in a neck brace for 3 weeks and it still bothers him....lesson we learned....these are not made for adults who do stupid things:0)

  18. We spent the weekend transplanting a tree and seeding our lawn (which seems to be mostly field grass). Trampolines are more fun

  19. That trampoline looks like so much fun!!!

    I can't wait to see the rest of your organizing projects. I'll be doing one this weekend...after all my Tupperware fell on my head when I opened the cabinet today!


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