Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cake anyone?

I made a card today for my niece's Birthday :)
As always, I coloured the image first.
Then grabbed some really pretty dark blue paper with sparkly flowers on it.
Then I stamped some balloons and added sparkle embossing powder and inked it blue.

Oh you say, there isn't any blue paper or sparkly balloons on here.
That's right...I scrapped that idea and started new, lol.
I thought this paper was more fun then the other paper.
I found this sentiment that I had cut off of an envelope.

I never understood this saying. "Have your cake and eat it too". Anyone can have their cake and then eat it...but can you "Eat your cake and have it too". Now that would be the ultimate gift. No matter how much of your cake you ate, you still have more ;)

Oops got off topic, I was talking about the card wasn't I? Cake does that to me, teehee.
Onto My Day:
Kristy and I ran to pick up some of my work, and then went to the grocery store.
As we were gone Wayne plowed the driveway. Its easier for him to do when the driveway has no vehicles in it.
Kristy wanted to go and get her ring checked out. Good thing she did as the stone is loose.
I asked about my wedding ring as part of it is broken. But I hate to leave it there. I told you I was very sentimental. My ring is still on my finger.

Hubby and I made supper together.
Then I said to him, that he could cook and I would clean up after him.
He asked me if I liked to wash dishes.
Nope, but I rather wash the dishes then cook, lol.
I think he used almost every pot I had.

We spent most of our doing my book work, as I watched Band of Brothers with Wayne.
He watches this at least twice while he is off work. Which means "I" watch it at least twice when he is off.
If you remember, last year Wayne bought a TV to put in the living room to play video games on.
Today Kristy asked him to put it out. I think she wants to try her hand at his war games :)
Nothing like Father-Daughter bonding, teehee.

Oh Ya, I broke the closet door while getting out the recycles.
Everyone has to jam them in there. Not sure why my family has a fear of taking out the bag before it overflows?
So I got a little heated while reefing the bag out of there, oops.

Hope you had a creative Wednesday.

Tracy :)


  1. Sweet card, I'm sure your niece will love it! Nice that your hubby can cook, mine can only if he has to, otherwise we would be eating burritos all the time. ;p

  2. What a sweet card. I love that image. TFS.

  3. lovely card hubby can´t cook :(
    lucky you :)

  4. Love the card! Your comment about the cake cracked me up! :-D Go Wayne! We love a man who loves to cook. :-)

  5. the saying, "have your cake and eat it too" is a rebuttle to when Marie Antoinette told the commeners that they could "have their cake" which was to be a slander on them. Or something like that. I did a project in grade 6 (which was quite a long time ago) hehehehe.
    Thanks for sharing your very cute card.

  6. Very cute card.
    I have a hubby that cooks too, although mostly when I work. Although he loves to make breakfast.

  7. I love the card! Its so wonderful that Wayne can cook...if I let AJ cook, we'd be eating tuna fish sandwiches everyday!

  8. Cute card :)
    I noticed that my kids couldn't flatten boxes before they went into the recycle ;) I will have to give them a lesson next time they are all here, lol

  9. Adorable card. I like your version of the saying much better. I could never figure out what you would do with a cake if you didn't eat it! :-)

  10. I had to laugh at myself while I was reading the card description. I kept looking at the card and saying, "I don't see those things." haha! I do love the version you did though. It is very cute!

  11. Such a cute card! We prefer cupcakes in our house :0) Although my dad makes a really awesome wine cake for us now and then! Hugs!

  12. So cute and adorable Tracy. Loving the sentiment, suits your image perfectly.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  13. Ya, I seem to be the only one that take sout the garbage or notices it overflowing- that goes with the whole tp thing! Dh cooks and actually looked after most of it over the holidays. It was rather nice. For the most part, I do enjoy cooking- last night was mushroom soup from scratch. Very easy and so yummy! Hmmm methinks tonight would be a good one for baked potato soup!

    I like your sweet cake girl! If only my girlies were interested in cooking...

  14. I love that your husband used all the pots. I'd rather do the dishes than cook too!

  15. hehe.. another awesome card. Love the cake and the little girl.

  16. Cute card! (I am trying to avoid Copics... I really don't need another crafty obsession ;)

  17. Your niece is going to love that card and now I want some cake! :) Let me tell you about rings...i took my wedding ring in I in October, they told me I had some chipped diamonds, yes I am rough on my hands :) anyway, they sent my ring off October 15th to get fixed...i STILL don't have it back yet! :( I'm sick about it.

    I would rather do the dishes too!

  18. at least you didn't kick the door;) LOL Still no door up! I guess I will have to get over my fears and do it my damned self. LOL
    Adorable cards my friend. You should have a new stamp in about 20 days. LOL Challenge get all your stamps inked before it arrives. LOL DARE YA! LOl now who is a little *hit? LOL


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