Thursday, January 19, 2012

So close I can taste it

Well the photos are done, the journaling is complete.
Yeah, the hard part is done!!!
I still have to make the cover pocket for each month.
I plan on doing that tomorrow as I have to get out the my dreaded Cricut.
Soooo do you want to see my last pages.....Sure you do ;)

Here is a closer look at my last page.
I left the last pocket for an intro into 2012.

Onto My Day:
Wayne drove Kristy to school. It was -30C (that was without the windchill). Why wouldn't I want him home :)
Then he ran to Canadian Tire to pick up some things. He came home with one (of my many) favourite chocolates. These are hard to find, but Canadian Tire usually has them :)
Right now we are watching old Bon Jovi video's.....God Jon Bon Jovi is hot...just thought I would share ;)

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)
I am hoping to totally finish my Project 365 and do a video on the completed project.

Tracy :)


  1. Hurray, you have completed the hardest part.
    The Cricut can be your friend--just don't let it be your enemy.
    I love using mine. I have fallen to the Silhoutte craze.

  2. Congrats on almost finishing up! I hate that point though - I never want to follow through to the end!! :-)

    Yummy looking chocolate! The first time my daughter had a chocolate covered cherry, she was eating it so so carefully. I thought she was just enjoying it the most she could, but it turned out she thought there would be a pit. :-)

  3. Sounds like a nice, cozy day! Great job with your pages!

  4. Great pages! Oh, I love Bon Jovi. He gets better with age, LOL.

  5. Yay! Congratulations on finishing the pictures and the journaling!!

  6. Brr, I wouldn't want to be out in that cold either! You are awesome for completing this! Those monthly title pages will be a breeze! I kind of dread getting my Cricut out too, probably because I don't user it a ton. That Cherry Blossom looks huge! Kind of like that big a** peanut butter cup you guys had :)

  7. Hurray! It always feels great to finish a project like that. I've never attempted to do it because I KNOW I'm a slacker.

  8. Great pages! Feels good to get a project done!

  9. Almost done - good for you! Why do you dread using the Cricut?

  10. Wish I could come up and help you get over your "dread" of the Cricut. We would have a blast!

    How exciting that you're so close to being done with your 365 project! Can't wait to see it all finished.

    As for your cherry thing wouldn't have to fight me for it (sorry, can't like) but it's very sweet of your hubby to think of you by getting you one!

  11. First of all, Great looking blog! I love the colors and the design! I just have a boring looking one! Second thank you for becoming a fellow follower, I'd like to say I'm exciting and fresh, however I'm not! LOL I'm also glad that you posted the PL book, I've been dying to see one of these with projects actually in it! Great looking! And the chocolate, that was just a TEASE! YUMMY! Love Penny

  12. Congrats on being soooo close! Wayne's a sweetie to get you your favorite!

  13. Jealous that you are so close to finishing. I am now two years behind just in scrapbooking! So cute that your husband brings you treats especially your favorite ones!

  14. Congrats! It looks fantastic. Doesn't it feel great to have a whole year right there at your fingertips? I haven't had a chance to work on my this week, but I will tonight! :) I hope to have mine in the same place soon.

  15. Awesome job, Tracy! That candy looks scrumptious! Yum!

  16. Oh, and so does Bon Jovi! ;-) lol!

  17. Woo Hoo! Congrats on finishing which you've probably already done since I'm typing this Friday night. It must feel great to finish such a huge project.

    Those chocolates look delish, I so heart chocolate covered cherries. Now I'm suddenly craving black forest cake go figure.

    Did you know Jon BonJovi is from New Jersey. All cool people are from New Jersey.

  18. Congrats... Looking forward to the video. Have an awesome weekend!!!

  19. I have problems with my cricuit too Tracey, same problems you have. I love cherry blossoms too.... one of my favorites. Nice seeing things we have in Canada and showing our US friends.


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