Sunday, January 22, 2012

My milkshake brings the boys to the yard....

Yesterday I made Kristy and her boyfriend Blake a milkshake.
I didn't get around to cleaning out the milkshake maker last night.
Ashley wasn't here, so this morning she saw the evidence and asked if I could make her one.

So being the soft hearted mom that I am, I made all the girls one :)
When ever I make or hear the word milkshake, I have to sing that "milkshake" song. It drives my daughters crazy. Hubby just says "Yes, yes it does", lol.

Onto My Day:

Today was a great Sunday.
Television, some YouTube videos and catching up on some blogs :)
Oh y,a and balancing year end ;)
But the best part was everyone was home :)  Even though we are all doing our own thing, I love to know that everyone is here, where they should be.
Plus I love that we are all together for dinner :)

Hope you all had a creative Sunday

Tracy :)


  1. Ooh, I love milkshakes yum yum yum! I love it when all of us are all here at the same time also :0) Hugs!

  2. Yum! Milkshakes! Love them! And I love that milkshake-shaker-thingamabob. So retro! :-)

  3. That is the coolest milkshake maker :) What is it about milkshakes ? They are just the best!

  4. delicious milkshake, thanks again mom :)

    1. Your welcome my beautiful, lovely daughter :)

  5. Wow if I come over can I have one of those great shakes too? Heck you can sing all you want, as long as I get one! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog! Love Penny P.S. I know how you feel about having everyone at home, I love it too!

  6. oh i love milkshakes! my father used to make THE best! i should start a new tradition and make my son's milkshakes

  7. That looks yummy! I haven't had a milkshake in ages. Want to send one over?? lol

  8. I like the feeling of everyone being home too. I think it's funny you sing the milkshake song. It seems awfully cold for a milkshake though.

  9. Between the milkshakes and the popcorn on the blogs today, I better really get my butt up on that treadmill. lol...

    I know what you mean by wanting them home. I only have one, but she and her boyfriend spend a lot of time here, especially on the weekends, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We all clean house, cook, and watch movies together, and I LOVE it!

  10. Wish you a wonderful week,and thank you for your lovely comments in my blog:):)

  11. I LOVE your milk shake blender!
    So cool :)

  12. I love your milkshake blender! And I just watched your Project 365 video. Going back to 2010 would be fun! That's not crazy at all! Its so nice that your daughter loved the book so much, it is a wonderful thing for your family to have to look back on!

  13. We have the same blender only it's just chrome colored. Hubby uses it to whip up his eggs for omelets.

    And there is just something comforting about having the whole family at the house, even if you're not all "being" together. We were all together last night too.

  14. Ah, now that song is in my head :) YOU make me laugh!!! And I want a milkshake!! I'm glad you had a great Sunday!

  15. Now I want a milkshake! I love chocolate!

  16. Yum, but brrrr, right now! I don't think that I know the milkshake song!

  17. Cute story. Nothing tastes as good as what mom makes! EVER!


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