Monday, January 9, 2012

Bunny Book Mark

I made this quick book mark for a very nice lady.
Just before Christmas I unexpectedly received a book mark from Cathy, 55Catty :)
Wasn't that so sweet of her.
So I decided to make her one.

 I had this sticker and thought it was perfect for a book mark :)
Then I added a charm to the chenille fiber.

 I coloured this little cutie.

 On the back of the book mark I added (you guessed it) a recipe card, I thought she could record the books she had read or books she wants to read.

Onto My Day:
Mailed some parcels.
Picked up Kristy's ring. I made Wayne park at the far end of the mall, so I could get in a little walk to pick up Kristy's ring on the other side. Ya, Wayne waited for me in the jeep....slacker.
Then came home and spent most of the day looking for a book. I was really getting frustrated as I had just seen it.
I finally did find it. But I really do need to have a place for everything and put it in its place when I am done ;)
Oh ya, I spent the rest of my day looking through Pinterest...thank you Ashley, teehee.

Hope you had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Cute bookmark. I like how you added the reading list on the back of the bookmark.

  2. That bunny is so sweet and I like the added charm- it adds charm ( teehee)!

  3. Very cute bookmark. Other than slowly putting things together with the house it has suddenly slowed down a little bit and tomorrow I plan on putting away laundry and coloring! I'm just going to stamp a couple images and go to town. I sent you an email earlier that as soon as oozak gets that case back in stock I'm getting it so I can tote my pens and markers around while everything else gets packed up.

  4. That is a cute little book mark--I hope your friend will like it.
    Glad you got your walk in--I rode the bike and now my knees hurt.

  5. this is cute cute cute! i love the little bunny!

  6. Love the bookmark -- super cute bunny! BTW, can't live without my Pinterest acct!

  7. You are so sweet and so is that bookmark! Nice of you to pick up Kristy's ring, they say mine should ready in a week... I'm trying to be positive :)

    Mike got me a Kindle for Christmas, now all my books are in one place. Just hoping I don't lose my Kindle! Haha!

  8. What a cute book mark! That little bunny is so sweet!

  9. Yay! You are becoming a Pinterest addict! Just kidding, but I do love Pinterest. I've had an account for almost a year, thus I have a lot of pins!

  10. glad you found your book my friend. A adorable book mark. I want to color, I will get there some day. :/ still working on the studio.
    We will chat soon.

  11. That bunny is so cute! Great bookmark!

    I LOVE the idea of haveing a reading list on the back, that's GREAT! I want to do this for myself now, great way to keep track of what books you've read during the year! Thanks for sharing :)


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