Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Are you Tired of my Project yet?

I am still working like a bat out of hell on my Project 365 for 2011.
I again did have trouble printing up my photos. I think anything to do with technology hates me....it really does.
I would have a photo on my jump drive, but neither of the photo printers would read it.
The only thing I have come up with is, I can't get photos off of face book, even though I did grab some from Wayne's page and it worked.
So I have NO idea.
But with all those problems aside, I am at the month of October.

I have to still make my Month title pockets, but I will do them at the same time as I am going to use my cricut to cut the letters.
I like this page because everything is nice and neat.
The pictures are the same size and so are the journaling spots.

Onto My Day:
Wayne drove Kristy to school so I could work on my P365.
Yup, I pretty much sat on my butt all day catching up on my P365, and listening to Wayne's video game.
Oh, I also made a reservation for a cabin that my friend, Deb and I are going to in February. We usually go in August. But she said she needed a creative get away.
She didn't have to ask me twice.
I just had to make sure this was an extra creative getaway. There was no way I wanted to give up the one we go on in the Summer.
We all know I am more of a summer person, then a winter person.
Ohhhhh creating all day in your jammies....now that sounds like heaven to me :)

Proud Tuesday:
So close to be completed my Project 365.
yup that's about it.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?

Tracy :)


  1. Awesome! Nov and Dec. and you'll be done. You can do it Tracy!!! hehe... =)

    I feel proud today because I ate all my veggie. =D

  2. Great job on powering through! You are almost there!!

  3. love your pl--i am just starting one for the first time-- pretty excited!

    thanks for the tip of going to firefox!

  4. You have been motoring along on your P365. Yeah, for Tracy. You are almost to the end.
    Are you doing P365 again this year???
    Good for you having a getaway in Feb.
    Would be fun to just go and create. They have a retreat here in Helena, but not until April.
    Have to see if I can fit it in the budget.

  5. I could look at your P365 all day long! :) I like your nice neat page too, very clean! I can't believe you're almost done, wait, yes I can :)

  6. Glad you had a full day of crafting! what a treat!

  7. Great job that you are still going! Sounds like a few of us are trying to get caught up on some past projects :0) Hugs!

  8. Good for you, up to October already! You are almost done lady. Today I will be cleaning my house and maybe some painting, however painting and I don't tend to mix well so maybe I'll leave that for my husband. The little girl and I are home together so she is going to help me do windows and walls since they are all a mess up to her height. I also just made an appointment to get my dogs groomed because they STINK! Don't need my house smelling like dog. Then I'm going to put a bid in on a house. My husband has decided to leave all that up to me. I have no idea what I'm doing. Wish me luck!

  9. Yay for being up to October! Hanging out crafting in pjs all day just sounds perfect!

  10. I love your P-365. I am a recent follower of your blog and am wondering what brand of page protectors you are using for this project. I would like to do something similar for my gardening journal for 2012. Last year, I thought I had found a source of similar page protectors from CTMH but they are no longer available. Thanks for any help you can provide and thanks too for all your wonderful videos and blog entries.
    Alice in B.C.

  11. Your P365 is an inspiration to me. I saw your blog at the beginning of the year when you started, and just loved your pages. When I stopped by again a few weeks ago I was sorry to see your P365 had fallen off. Good for you for getting it (almost) finished. Love the way you have chosen a color for each month. I think I will try a similar approach. I am using my own stash, not a PL kit. Yours is just fantastic!

  12. I like your pages with all the journaling---good for you. I find that the hardest part :)
    I've had a hard time posting comments, but it seems to work from my IPad!

  13. Creating in jammies sounds amazing:)

  14. You are really coming along great on this project! These pages do look nice and clean, but I still love your artistic touches!

    I hadn't done anything to make myself proud... oh wait, I did get out of bed, got a shower and got dressed. there. ;^)


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