Friday, January 20, 2012

My Cricut Hates Me

My Cricut hates me.
It looks all pretty and sweet, but I know it hates me.

How do I know this.
1. Well it never cuts to the size that is says. I have tricked it by using printer paper for test cuts.
2. The paper sometimes lifts off the mat as it cuts. Yes even when I have a new mat.
3. Layering. I won't even go there.
4. Sometimes the cuts don't go all the way through the paper. Stampin' Up paper, that stuff is thick.
5. Sometimes it tears the paper and rips the letters.

I know so many of you are experts in this, but me not so much.
My SIL and I went in on  the first one about 5 yrs ago. And then Hubby and the girls got me the big one for Mother's Day.
I wish some of you lived closer and could do my cutting for me teach me.
I have to be fair to all machines though, if they have a plug in I think they are out to play with my mind.
Ever see Maximum Overdrive, yup that's how I feel :)

But I am happy to say that I totally finished Project 365 for 2011. And I couldn't be more proud and happy that I not only did it, but that I completed it.
Bring on some new crafts......Should I go back and do 2010?
I'm thinking about it.

Onto My Day:
Wayne and I had to do a bit of running around.
Then we went out for a sit down restaurant. Applebees :)
I needed some adhesive for my ATG as I was totally out. So off to my LSS. She had so many new stamps. So I have to tell the truth, I broke down and bought 2.
I know I said I wasn't going to buy any new stamps until I used all my older ones first.
But I was thinking of just stamping them out, just so I could buy some new ones anyway, lol.
Sharon and Myra came by for Scrap booking Night.

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Hi Tracy! Just a quick good morning from Greece! Just saw your blog and subed in! I have the Cricut (baby one) and saving up to get the Silhouette Cameo because I got really upset on the said 6x12 bu could only cut 5,6 x 11,7... very dissapointing. So I was pleased to read about your experience. I also have bought SCAL off the internet and use many many free svg's. On my previous video I have mentioned where I downloaded them from. Anyway... oh... hands up about John Bon Jovi...he came to Greece last year and was unable to get there... was sooooooo upset... Take care and stay Happy, xx Irene

  2. My cricut can get fussy too. Not too impressed with it. Yes I make some great stuff but the cartridges are expensive and with all the paper you go through trying to get it to cut right sort of defeats the purpose. Good Luck

  3. Hey Tracy,

    My Cricut hates me too sometimes. I started with a baby bug and loved it - no problems. Then hubs bought me the Expression and everything went the way of the Zombie (thought you might like that). So I pondered and pondered, "what is different? what am I doing wrong?". LIGHTBULB!!! Between the first generation Baby Bug and the later generation Expression, Provo Craft went SUPER CHEAP and replaced the original blade housing (that piece that actually holds your blade?) with PLASTIC!!!! So my original Baby Bug had this super nice, solid metal blade housing and my new (more expensive) Expression had this nasty, flimsy, cheap a$$ plastic housing! So I took my Baby Bug blade housing out and put it in my Expression . . . VIOLA! No more problems. Now, the new problem, if you don't have a metal blade housing that you can switch out with your Expression (like I did with my Baby Bug), I don't think you can buy one. However, I have long believed (though I have not tested this hypothesis) that you could purchase the "Deep Blade" housing that Cricut sells and use it for every day cutting (it is the only solid metal housing they sell). Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that you aren't alone and it's not you - it's those SUPER CHEAP PROVO CRAFT PEOPLE!!!!! (This is a sore spot with me if you haven't noticed)

  4. I have issues with my Cricut too, mostly I get irritated because it's too big and I want something quick and easy to use :) That's so awesome you're completely done! How do you feel about that? :) Funny, we had Applebee's yesterday too. I think if you stamp them out on white paper, with the intention of coloring them in for future use, then you can go ahead and buy all the stamps you want :)

  5. Oh dear, I feel bad for you. To be honest, I don't know my Cricut well enough to know if it likes me or not. I need to devote some time to our neglected partnership!

  6. Oh no - I have a robo but have only played with it a little bit - well done on finishing your 365 project and LOL about the stamps to get some more - like the idea :)

  7. Oh no! At least your cricut is pink though! Mine hates me sometimes too, I sometimes have that problem with the cuts pulling and tearing the cuts, or even worse, the paper so stuck when I use a new mat, I can't the cuts off!

    1. Never use a brand new mat for cutting - I learned this the hard way. Instead of being "tacky" and holding the paper, it just ends up acting like glue. Take your hands and the new mat and stick your hands to the mat over and over and over again to get it to be less glue like and more tacky. This will help your paper from becoming completely glued to the mat.

  8. Ha! I have a love hate relationship with my Cricut too. I love it, it hates me lol. Congrats on finishing your 365, well done. You really stick at things. Have to say Applebee's is one of my fave restaurants when I've been to US. I didn't know you had them in Canada too, you're so lucky!!!

  9. Tracy:

    SO sorry to see you are having challenges with your cricut. I like the idea of switching out the housing as Jade suggested. As for the wrong position, and wasting paper, do you have the computer programme? or the little hand held device? I understand that those help a lot with positioning problms. I only have the original cricut, and (knock on wood) we are still on good terms. :D

  10. Don't worry, you better than me. I still don't know how to use my cricut yet and I think I broke it the first time I try to use it. I thought I could cut felt with my cricut, but I guess not since it got jam >.<

  11. 2 isn't so bad! Good luck with your Cricut. I have some of those issues with my Cameo too!

  12. I have the same problem with my circut. I have trouble figuring out what pressure to set depending on the paper. Especially Stampin up paper!

  13. This made me smile! My Cricut and I have a love-hate relationship. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  14. OK Dear First take your Cricut off the little table. She is probably shaking too much. Second get a new blade. For SU use blade depth 6, pressure high. If you are cutting large letters the speed can be in the middle or faster. Make sure you have the Real Dial Size Off. That make everything the same size. If you go to My Pink Stamper she has tons of video on how to use that crazy machine.
    I have been wanting a Cameo I am glad to see Just Jaime said it is no different. So I will stick to my Cricut. It is one of those love hate kind of things. I just cut over 100 snowflakes and was about to toss mine out the window but I just made them bigger. Changed the blade a lot and got it done. The blades are still good for big cuts like tags.
    I hope this helps.

  15. Ya know...mine has also torn many. My blade was dull after a couple of uses and it kept tearing my letters. Lots of tips had been given to me (and I see many have been here!). I have not had much luck with finer detailed cuts and I have tried various papers, speeds and pressure. There is a site rube something that is supposed to be excellent for tips. Apparently I need to go there. ;0)


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