Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh Marilyn, your gorgeous

Yesterday Ashley had to go to the mall and checked out Home Sense.
She took a photo of something she thought I would like and shared it with me when she got home.
Boy my daughter knows me well :)
Isn't she gorgeous :)  She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.

I was thinking of attaching my ribbon on the bottom to look like her skirt.
Not sure about that idea yet. Tell me what you think.
First, I have to find a place for her as I have no room in my craft/scrap room.
I told hubby that I was going to put her in my sewing room.....but oh wait, I don't have a sewing room ;)

 I needed some new running shoes as well.
The last ones I bought were not very good and I have been wearing them outside.
What I usually do is have one pair for walking outside and one for walking on the treadmill.

Look at that pretty colour :)
I think that beautiful burgundy colour will help me walk farther, don't you

I didn't get to create today, hopefully tomorrow.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. OOOOh, I love Marilyn! Did you go back and get her after your daughter showed you the picture or did she just bring her home for you? Either way she's definitely a nice addition. I like the running shoes. I never find any with normal colors on them. They are always hot pink or turquoise or purple. While I may like those colors I don't necessarily need my slow ass feet wearing them.

    Enjoy your new goodies. Today was all cleaning for me, but tomorrow is all fun!

  2. Love that! It is one of those things I would love to have, but do not know where I would put it(and if dh would even "get" why I want it!)
    LOVE the red runners! My girls have those in blue (or was that last year, before they grew AGAIN!) maybe one has purple now...lol.
    I got a card made AND posted today! :0)

  3. I almost bought one similar at the store the other day. I think I may have to go back and get it. I don't know where I would put her either. My husband probably wouldn't want her in our bedroom.

  4. I saw one of those at the store, but it was black. Thought about getting it too hehe... Nice running shoes.

  5. She is gorgeous. I would have to purge something to make room for one of those in my house. Just no room.
    I was just telling Curtis my creating space isn't big enough when I get things spread out and I am in my groove. He said I would just have to deal with the space I have.
    Cool sneakers.

  6. I do think you need a sewing room and she would be perfect in there.

  7. I love her! I might have to come lift her off your hands, I have a bigger room after all and could find the perfect home for her. LOL Ashley did good! 2 new stamps huh? well maybe you should show us so we can drool! LOL

  8. please check your message in facebook.

  9. Wow! That is awesome!!!! I want one! :)

  10. Love the vintage look of your Marilyn-and the cream color is awesome.

  11. oh how lovely!!!! let us know where you put it!

  12. Marilyn is fabulous! I can picture her bust with all the beautiful cards you make clipped to it! I would love one of those!!! The color on those shoes reminds me of that pretty color of nail polish you have, I always notice it in your videos :)

  13. I love that! I think the ribbons as the skirt could look really pretty! I like the running shoes, I think having a pretty color on your shoes helps you walk, because then you want to put them on!

  14. I would love to have Marilyn in my scraptorium -- hope you get her!

  15. What an amazing piece of decor! :)

  16. Are you kidding me? That form is awesome!! I wouldn't care WHERE it had to go, in the living room or kitchen, it would be coming home with me and going where everyone could see her! You betcha! How about your bedroom? You could hang necklaces on her and such. She would look better in your scrap room, but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Right? ;^)

    I like the shoes! I don't like a lot graphics and colors on mine and toned down colors are always good with whatever you're wearing them with, even if it's only in the house. The silver gives them a little bling without screaming it, KWIM?

  17. Nice! That would be neat to put your ribbon on it. I've seen that done before and it looks really neat.

  18. Whoa--Marilyn is absolutely cool. And I think it's a great idea about the ribbons.

  19. That is an awesome dress form! She is definately graceful! I am sure that she will find her place after she lives with you for a while. She just needs a place to get comfy and feel at home! LOL! Have a great day! -Amanda

  20. Love the find at home sense. I have been looking for one f or over a year. No such luck here. Lots of great ideas on pinterest for them

  21. Gorgeous, I am sure you will find somewhere to put her. Love your new sneeks too, I am sure that color will have you running marathons....

  22. OMG that is the most beautiful frame! She could adorne any room :) and you may not have created anything yesterday but I'll just bet there was a lot of creative thought going on and that counts!! Lol.
    Fun and pretty runners make a big difference too, just ask me ;)

  23. That dressform is gorgeous! :-) Wonder where her new home will finally be?


  24. Marilyn the dressform is so pretty, I hope you share where she ends up in the house and if you use it to hold your ribbon or not.
    I do the same thing for my shoes as well, one pair for the treadmill and the other ones for outside. Have fun walking/running.

  25. Well finally I am able to comment on your blog. Darn blogger! Love the dress form .. I have seen several people hang ribbons from theirs and it looks really cool. All the colors really make it stand out! Good news! My dd finally got my 5000 plus pics of my old computer! That made my year! lol Went back to dr for migraines he is constantly changing my meds for diff reasons. im trying to hang in there! Havent felt like crafting much though.. Well take care!


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