Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thank you card

One image closer to getting some new stamps ;)
I have so many "Thank You" cards to make and this image is perfect. It had the sentiment with the image.
This is a deep purple colour, but its not showing up as deep on the photo.
I coloured the image with Copics.

I was planning on doing more colouring today (actually I was planning on doing a lot of crafty things today) but I couldn't find my Memento ink.
But I finally found it tonight.
I was in a rush to clean up my scrap/craft room last night when Sharon was coming over, so I put it in a basket and put it else where. Isn't it frustrating when you can't find what you are looking for.

Onto My Day:
Ashley and I went out this afternoon.
We had to return a gift that didn't work how she thought it would.
When we were in the store the clerk was showing a new nail polish. You applied it, then the cap of the bottle has a magnet in it. So you would hold the cap above your nail for 5 seconds and then the polish would seperate and it looked like stripes. It was so cool.

Blake and Tyler were over for supper tonight. I made supper tonight ;)
I took down the tree and I think I put away all the decorations. I always find something I forgot to put away :)

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That is a very cute card...and I'm loving that nail polish! Gonna have to find that for my daughter...she just turned 18 and loves, no..she's obsessed with nail colors! Lol

  2. Such a cute card Tracy! I need to get into Copics but Im scared lol! Maybe I should take a class huh? Anyway, I finally updated my blog with a few layouts.. yeah me! I have had alot of mojo going on lately! Went to HL and Mike's today .. I will probably do a haul vid on you tube!
    Have a Blessed week!

  3. Adorable Card! Love it. It looks purple. Silly. 20 days and counting for new stamp. LOL
    I love the nail polish that is really neat. Wish I could wear it but not until my hands are all healed and we aren't even close yet:(
    Put stuff away girl, that will solve your problem. LOL I am a beach huh? LOL
    Have a great weekend girly.

  4. BTW, your stamp arrived today so it goes out Monday. Hugs,Pea

  5. The image is so sweet, great thank you card. Your nails are cool and it matches your thank you card too hehe...

  6. Tracy
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a neat comment.
    Love the nails. GREAT card!!!!
    Those are such cute little guys.

  7. I like your thank you card- so adorable. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  8. First of all thanks for your lovely words and visit on my blog last year!!!!Was very sweet!!
    Second this card is is trully wonderful I loved that colors!!You always do a wonderful job with cards and you are so talented!!
    Have a wonderful 2012!!
    Big huges and kisses

  9. What a sweet card. I love the image you used.

  10. That image is so the CAS style.

  11. LOL! I lost my scissors today! LOL!...Forced me to clean my space! Ahhh!(I laid DH's Iraq scrapbook on them). Love the card! The hedge hog is so cute! Have fun coloring! Love the magnetic nail polish. Will probably need to aquire for DD (We curently have bunches of crackle nailpolish).-Amanda

  12. Adorable. You're really gettin' good with those Copics.

  13. Super cute card! Oh, I love your nails! Cool technique! I've never heard about it before.

  14. This card is so cute and I love the image so sweet.:)
    Have a nice day:):)

  15. I love your card Tracy, it is so cute. I really like your idea of using images you haven't used yet, I might have to give that a try. My daughter would love that nail polish, where did you find it?

  16. An adorable card, Tracy! Beautiful coloring. That is really cool nail polish. BTW, congratulations on your blog anniversary.

  17. Nice card, will have to look for the nail polish that looks cool.

  18. I love hedgehogs :) they are just so darn cute!
    And that nail polish, have to ask my DD if she has seen it--very pretty effect :)
    Today the tree, etc, comes down at my house:)

  19. OMGosh! What a cute image and card :) VERY cool nail color too!!

  20. How cute is that hedgie? Dd would so like to have one as a pet (she had a friend that had one).
    Coolest nail-polish ever!
    Aaand, posted 2 posts today! I get to go stamp this afternoon at a stampin up party. :0)

  21. First of all, love the card! How cute! Secondly, I have got to get my hands on some of that nail polish. How cool! And I'm glad that I am not the only one to miss at least one small decoration after I am done putting everything away. lol!

  22. I've got some of that nail polish, it's amazing! Makes me look really clever lol. If I tried to use all the stamps I own, I wouldn't be able to buy any new ones EVER!!!

  23. It's been a little while, but I wanted to leave a comment to say, "Happy New Year, Tracy!"

    Love your card -- I love anything to do with hedgehogs! Too cute!

    I love that nail polish - it's awesome too!

  24. Adorable card Tracy! I love those hedgehogs :) What a cool polish - gotta see if I can find that - my daughters would love it!

  25. So how many images are we talking about before you get to buy new ones? :) This card is adorable, I love the little hedgehog and I'm rather fond of purple right now. That nail polish is SO cool! Kudos to you for cooking dinner! Haha!

  26. It shows a deep purple to me. Purple is my son's favorite color. What a cute image, how many left to go? I may have to put all crafty things on hold soon, because I'm going to have to pack everything up and I'm just sick of that #(@#)(*$# little mouse pooping all over my desk. I know he did it on purpose because we "got" all of his friends.

    Cool nail polish! Will you be wearing it this new fashion season?

  27. Holy cow! That nail polish is just too cool! I love your card! So cute!

  28. Fun nails! I always find something later that I forgot to put away too!

  29. That is the neatest nail polish I have ever seen! Right up my alley too, as I could never "paint" stripes!


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