Wednesday, January 11, 2012

By George I think I got it ;)

Guess what I did?
Made another book mark.
I am on a mission to find the perfect book mark that suits Heathers specific needs, lol.
I think I did it :)

I used the graphic 45 paper.
Cut a piece at 9"x 1.5" and scored it in the middle.
Added very thin magnets on the ends and voila......time to embellish.

 Then you sandwich the page in between the pattern paper with the magnets.
The embellishments that I added where just papers that I cut out and glued flat...remember to keep it as flat as possible, no matter how much you want to add flowers to it ;)

Here is where I got the idea for this book mark.
Lynne and I went to the Heart & Stroke foundation to pick up our tickets for the Scrap for Heart Crop.
I asked for some information and she gave us all kinds of brochures and these cool book marks (shown below).
When I saw them I got excited and told them, I can make these.
The lady said...why would you make them you can take as many as you want.
Lynne and I looked at each other then turned to her and said...We are scrapbookers that's why, lol.

Onto My Day:
Drove Kristy to school.
Took a shower. I still like my hair, you know how sometimes you don't like it as much the next day ;)  Lynne and I went to pick up our tickets and our friends tickets.
Washed laundry....lots of laundry.
I was so tired I was almost walking into walls, so went into Kristy's bed for a nap as my sheets to my bed were in the wash :)
Then Kristy texted me as I was almost asleep. Then she did it again.
Then Ashley came home a bit early for lunch.
Finally when I did get to sleep, I was down and out for the count for about an hour and a half.
I had a crappy sleep last stomach hurt and hubby snored, so I think I only slept for a couple of hours at a time.
Hubby didn't cook supper, so I ran to Subway to pick up supper....its the healthiest of the take outs :)

Off to bed soon, as even though I had a massive nap today, I could hit the hay at any moment.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

I was checking out some blogs tonight and blogger won't let me leave comments. the screen is blank when I go to if you don't hear from me I will check you all out tomorrow.

Tracy :)


  1. What a cool idea for a bookmark! I made some that fit over the top of a page, but no magnets to really keep it in place.

    I hate not getting a good nights sleep. They seem to come in spurts too. My stomach has been bothering me tonight. I hope it doesn't keep me up.

  2. Hi sweet and dear friend!!!
    I just love to came here and see what do you have done!!!!Surprise so may gorgeus and cool ideas!!!
    I love that bookmarl!!
    Have a wonderful rest of week.
    Big huges and kisses.

  3. hello dear lady what a smarty pants you are lol. funny i just made my first bookmark but its pretty traditional but I did remember to keep it flat. =) love yours great idea tfs.huggles Jo

  4. Ha, i hope that you tookmthem and altered them! Very pretty bookmark! I like the embellishments you used!
    No crafty today- made a 3x3 card yesterday that I need to post!

  5. What a beautiful the magnet idea as it means it will stay in place which is just what my kids could do with too :)

  6. The bookmark: Aaaaaawesome!! Thank you for the inspiration! I've been thinking of making some bookmarks for my book loving father, but since he does not share my love for steampunk styled items, after seeing your bookmark I just have to make some for myself as well. :)

  7. I knew you would carry on til you did it! I have that paper and had since last year!! must get to use it!! lol

  8. I love that bookmark! So pretty and the magnets are a great idea!

  9. Nice bookmark---I have some of those lovely papers. Hope it meets with Heather's approval.
    I think the magnets are a great idea.
    Sorry to hear you are short on sleep. Hope you had a better rest tonight.
    Thinking of you today.

  10. I how that one works for Heather, it looks great! It might have been the laundry that made you tired... :) Subway sounds good, do you have Mr. Goodcents there, I like it even better!

  11. AWESOME idea and the magnet is...WOW! I need this;)

  12. that is so cool - non-scrapbookers just don't get it!

  13. I love the bookmark with the magnets! I hope you are able to sleep, I've been having trouble also (AJ is working nights and it messes with my sleep schedule). I wish let would let us nap at work!

  14. Love how you are on the quest to make the perfect bookmark! how you added the magnets to the bookmark.

  15. Cute Bookmark I love that idea too. I wish I was able to read books again so I could make one. Well I can always make them as gifts. I've had 3 crappy nights of sleep so I hear you. No creative Wednesday for me. In fact no really creative months for me. This whole moving thing has got me all screwed up.

  16. Really cool bookmark, I hope she likes this one! I had a couple of nights of crappy sleep, I started working out so I was so sore it kept me awake or would wake me up during the night :0) I guess it will get better as long as I stick with it. Hugs!

  17. Love your bookmark,lovely colurs and love your details, wonderful work:)Hugs :):)

  18. You sure were on a mission to make the ideal Bookmark for your daughter, Its lovely.
    Hope you sleep well tonight :)

  19. Cool unique bookmark with magnets. Your daughter must be thrilled. Have a good night sleep.

  20. Hope you sleep better tonight! Great job on the perfect book mark!

  21. Love that bookmark! Such a clever idea. That lady couldn't have been a crafter. Why would you want to make bookmarks? Because we CAN! (Insert eye roll!) :) Hope you get good sleep tonight!

  22. love that bookmark! All the different elements work so well together. Hope you have a great night's sleep last night. I hate it when I don't sleep well!

  23. What a neat bookmark! Funny about what the lady said. People that aren't crafters don't understand. lol

    Hope you have a better night sleep tonight.

  24. hope you got some rest. I love your book mark. did heather like it? I hope so you sure put a lot of thought into it. Where do you find those tiny little magnets? I have looked everywhere on and off line and can't find them.


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