Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pinterest...I caved

My daughter talked me into opening Pinterest account.

I have been toying with the idea of opening an account, but I already spend to much time on the Internet.
I love to check out every ones boards.
But never wanted to start one up as it was just something else for me to organize, lol.
I do love to organize though.

I do check the pages like I said, and love seeing what everyone is creating and I enjoy reading the quotes and laughing at the funny ones.
So I took the plunge and started my own.

Onto My Day:
Wayne woke up early and made pancakes for the family breakfast.
Lazed around most of the day....I didn't even do any colouring today :(
I did do a tad of crafting though :)
Girls ran to Subway and picked us up some supper....its the healthier take out :)

I will share it on here, once I get the hang of it and pin some more :)
I won't leave you hanging her is my daughter Ashley's Pinterest account (she just started hers today). I love how she personalized her boards with her  "A" symbol she designed for herself.
If you have a Pinterest I would love if you would share it in the comments so I can check you out ;)

Hope you all had a creative Sunday :)



  1. I've been thinking of opening an account too. It looks like a really nice way to keep track of some online stuff without having to bookmark or save pages. It's nice being able to see everything in one page.
    Let me know how you like it.

  2. Can you tell me how I can pin stuff? Actually, i am not even sure if I remember my password to get into it. :0(

  3. I guess you already found that I had an account. As you can see I haven't quite gotten the hang of it. I've repinned two things I think and pinned one original. I don't even know. I've gotten so far behind on all of my internet stuff. Geez, when life gets moving it REALLY gets moving. Hopefully moving to a non dungeon scraproom without mouse crap! Bleaching desk surface as I type.

  4. I have Pinterest! See you there!!! :-)

  5. I took the plunge recently but don't have a clue how to use it so far Just like & pin a few things. Tee hee my friend one more thing for use to watch on P.C. LOL I know huh? LOL

  6. I signed up a couple of months ago but haven't got around to doing anything yet! like you I spend enough time on the internet blogging etc but hope to catch up on it soon.

  7. i have yet to jump on the pinterest bandwagon--i have an account but i have no idea how to pin etc. maybe one day

  8. I recently started pinning after Cait pressured me to try it.
    Like I have time for that too--but you will see I do have a few things pinned.
    Good luck!

  9. I haven't tried Pinterest either. Something else to look into.

  10. I saw you on there when I got back from Camping. I LOVE PINNING! But then you knew that. Happy Pinning...

  11. LOVE, LOVE Pinterest!
    And really it's not all that time consuming if you just limit it.
    I maybe spend five minutes at the most on there per day.
    But I don't "search" for anything.
    Usually just pin my own things.
    Or do a quick scan of what others have pinned.
    It's a lot of fun :)

  12. I've always wanted a pinterest, but I'm afraid it will take up all of my time! I love the Thank You card you showed yesterday, and that magnetic nail polish - how cool is that? I can't believe Becky won again, that is too funny!

    Sorry to write this all in one day - my internet wasn't working well at all this weekend!

  13. Congrats! I have not made it to pinterest yet, as I am almost 100% sure that my house WOULD end up on Hoarders if I joined. I am already spending too much time on the net... but it is SO interesting there! LOL! Glad you like it! Like Facebook, I am sure that I will succumb...if only to keep up with the kids! -Amanda

  14. I have not even checked it out yet because I know how I am, I would be addictive and I also spend far too much time on the internet now. I will someday as I hear its wonderful, Have fun!

  15. I have a Pinterest account, but I kind of run in spurts with it. I always seem to forget about it :) I'm going to try and share my account link, hope it works:

  16. I have checked other peoples accounts, but I didn't open one yet, because I really don't need to spend more time on the internet than I already do. But one day, I am sure I will cave.

  17. I LOOOVE Pinterest, but I don't feel compelled to check it just because like blogs or Facebook. Here is mine:

  18. I love pinterest! It's super easy once you get going!
    Mine is

  19. Oh it is my latest time sink!!! I have learned to cook some great stuff from it though. :)
    Here's mine

  20. I am so addicted to pinterest! I' m warning ya it's addicting lol! Here is mine:

  21. Here is me:
    Warning: I have not figured out why people follow me! I mainly repin cute ideas I've seen! Not too many "original" pins from me! LOL!


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