Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coming to the home stretch....P365

I thought I would share with you the nest I have made for myself in the living room.
As most of you know, my hubby is off on holidays for quite awhile and he wants me to be with him most of the time.
So I brought up the supplies I needed to catch up on my Project 365, so I can work on it and still spend time with him.

I needed to use his IPad to read my blog, as this is how I keep track of my days. I also need my computer to get my photos off of it. And all the other goodies that go with scrap booking.
Funny thing is this doesn't seem to look as bad as in real life...but then again you are only seeing half of the couch, lol.
 I am now up to December. I am finding by doing this I have come across some things that I had totally forgotten happened, until I read them. I am so happy that I didn't listen to those nay sayer's (Sharon and Kristy) and plunged through and am finishing it off.

Onto My Day:
Hubby drove Kristy to school, so I could get an early start on my Project.
But I had technical difficulties. So when he came home he thought he fixed it by hooking up my laptop to the photo printer. It did work, but it wouldn't print the smaller size that I have been using.
Then later in the day I tried something and got it to work. I swear I saw fireworks I was so elated.

My friend Debbie dropped by for a short visit. A way to short of a visit.
But she was working and just happen to be on this side of town. Don't worry Deb we won't tell you skipped out for 10 minutes ;)

Kristy's friends came by as they needed to do a school project. It was funny as they would be so quiet (surprising I know) and then laugh so hard, I thought someone was going to wet their pants, lol. I love the sound of their laughter.

I hope you all had a very creative Wednesday :)
Oh and for all of you who had asked me what page protectors I am using for my P365. I have no idea, they came with this photo album.
Here is the video I did of my Project when I first started.  It is not a kit, I did it from scratch with some of my old papers.

Tracy :)


  1. Nice little working area you got there. I usually make a mess in the family room when I'm working on my polymer clay. Hope you finish your project smoothly and no more technical problems =)

  2. You do have quite the little nest created on your couch with all your needed supplies. This is what Cait does when she is home.
    You are plowing right through your project.
    You soon will be done. Yeah!
    Glad I got to create today too.

  3. wow your project life is really awesome--i am giving it a try but so far i have the pictures and journaling in my note book--have yet to make one page--getting behind already

  4. Looks like the perfect combo of time with your husband and crafting time. Congratulations on moving on through this project! Project 365 is time consuming but it is so worth it.

  5. Since our apartment is so small, my craft room is our living room, and I just love it. That way, I can spend time with AJ and still scrapbook. But when I lived at home and had a separate scrapbook room, I was always using the couch/snack trays/coffee table like that so I could sit with my family and craft. It was fun!

    I'm glad you fixed your technical problem! Isn't it so much fun when that happens!

  6. Looks like you've got a nice set up there. :)

  7. Whatever it takes to get it done, right?!
    Good for you!!!

  8. I wish you a wonderful day,Hugs:):)

    Thank you for your lovlely comment inmy blog:):)

  9. My hubby would be thrilled if that was all I ever drug out was just a couch full of stuff! LOL! How nice to have your hubby home for a while! Of course, mine would drive me nuts after a couple of weeks. LOL!

    You have been much more dedicated to your 365 Project than I EVER would be. I wouldn't even consider thinking of doing it - let alone try it. You've done a wonderful job at being creative enough with it too!

  10. I always love it when you set up camp to be close to Wayne, makes me smile :) I'm so excited for you that you're so close to being done!

  11. OMG you're almost done! How exciting. I went back to watch the video again and wow that was a lot of work. I have to remember to tell you happy anniversary on the 5th of Feb.

    I love the sound when my kids are playing with each other and usually getting into trouble and cracking each other up. I hope they still do that as they get older, well not get into trouble.

    I 'was' a real estate agent and I only had one transaction so I really don't know what I'm doing. We are putting the offer in tomorrow on a cute little house. Funny how most people at this stage are trading up but I realized that isn't how I want to live my life. I'm a simple casual cozy type of girl that wants to be squished in with her family and hopefully some new friends. Wish me luck!

  12. Okay, I am a dunce and only just realized that p365 is a scrapbook project! I thought that it was tax stuff.
    This is way more fun - but still stressful to wrap it up! Yay on being in the home stretch!

  13. Congrats on getting so far! I think that's awesome!

  14. yay! video is up my friend.


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