Monday, January 30, 2012

Copic Paper Organization

I went down in my scrap/craft room today, to put together a couple of parcels I am going to mail when we go across the border.
Well, I got a bit side tracked and started organizing, lol.
I organized my Copic papers.
I had them all in a bookcase, stacked on top of each other.
But sometimes they would get mixed up and I would have to try and figure out which papers were which.

I bought this plastic file container from a garage stamp sale last fall.  It was new and only cost me $1.00.

This is what I was planning to do with it all along. But just never got around to it.

You can see I used my trusty label maker.
That thing just makes me happy :)
So I labeled each of the types of papers.
But not only that, I have them attached with a clip and have the names of the papers on a sticky note attached to the top paper.
I can never get them mixed up again.

The 1st photo, I put my water colour paper pad in the very front of the folder.

Here is the folder closed and ready to be transported anywhere I want to go.
Nicely organized and labeled.

This makes me Happy :)

I also mounted all my stamps today as well.
I bought a hot knife to cut out the EZ mount foam.
Love this thing.

I was just going to do one stamp, as I wanted to use it. But I thought that since the knife was hot, I might as well do all that needed to be done.
I just have to say....I had way more stamps that needed to be done then I thought.
Which means I had way more stamps that I haven't used yet.

Hope you all had a wonderful, creative Monday:)

Tracy :)


  1. Great job on organizing. Are those the name of papers that works good with copics? I have to start collecting on copics paper too. Regular cardstock paper is not working out. Love the blue folding. 1 buck is a bargain!

  2. Great idea Tracy! I must do this, the only downfall for me is I have some 12x12 copic paper so I would have to cut it :S BUT I love this my paper just sits on a shelf open!

  3. Boy, you just keep getting more and more organized! Ya wanna make a trip to Indiana to tackle my room. I must warn you, it's dangerous! LOL!

  4. Ooh, I thought of getting a hot knife for doing my stamps with :0) I did it the old fashioned way with my tonic scissors. Well since I want to get more I may get the knife too! Sounds way easier :0) Love the organization for your papers. Hugs!

  5. Lol, have fun using all the ones that you discovered! Will you come to BC ANC organize ME? :0)

  6. Hi Tracy!
    Im behind on your posts again ! I cant keep up wIth you girl! I wanted to see say Congrats on yout test results that is awesome news! I am just getting over the horrible stomach flu.. hopefully i can stay well for a while! lol I cant wait to start crafting again!
    Take care

  7. Oh, I'm going to copy you! I have that same folder and am always peering at my copic paper trying to figure it out

  8. Great way to organize your papers. I have a 'fat' one of these files for my Thickers. If I get any more Thickers, it won't be fat enough! And you discovered all those wonderful stamps you can use, too!

  9. Great organising...must do more of it myself :)

  10. So smart! I always end up getting mine mixed together. Label makers are so fun.

  11. You make me want to organize now! Oh, and buy a label maker. You know I never did get one... What is a hot knife?

  12. I love the organizing! I wish I had a label maker! I'd probably label everything! And congrats on getting all of your stamps mounted!

  13. Great job for you organizing! When you get done at your house I could REALLY use some help! LOL Love Penny

  14. It always feels great to organize, eh? I completed a project myself this weekend and couldn't stop patting myself on the back. ;)

  15. That is a great organizational idea! My photo papers are always getting messed because the boxes bend when they start to get low. This probably would work for that, so thanks for sharing!

  16. I can feel your happiness! Love getting organized!!!

  17. Organizing is a good thing. I am about to clean up my space, since I just finished working on a project.
    You were a busy little bee working on your stamps too.

  18. *S* Haha, sounds like we have something invcommon. Totally get happy just reading about you being happy about your organizing and label maker ;)

  19. Ok Tracy, i've mixed up my paper too...such which paper do you like most, i've only been able to get xpress it and neenah...and i think i got them mixed and can't tell which one i'm using...i need to learn from you when i purchase more...also where did you get the hot knife. I've been told about it, but the crafting stores i go to have no idea what i'm talking about...tfs

  20. Great organizing! What is a hot knife? Sounds like I need one!!!!

  21. I just saw a video the other day of someone using a hot knife of their stamps. I wish I could find it now. I have all my Kraftin Kimmie ones to mount (and use LOL) I bought whole reams of copic xpress and Neenah. I don't really like the Neenah now that I have the express it but they sit in their own cropper hopper bins. I really need to organize some stuff just so I can pack it up. I'm still debating on whether to share the "great room" with the kids, in the new house, or take the spare bedroom. There is a separate family room for the TV and everyone so the great room is kind of like my dungeon now just nice with light and windows.


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