Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank You...its more than a Card.

Yup this sentiment says it all...
I have to send Many Thank You cards out.
This card came together surprisingly quick. Nothing I make comes out quickly, lol.
This stamp is from the $1.50 bin. I bought it a while ago.
Used my distress ink to stamp it and lightly changed the colour of the paper with the same ink.
Backed it with some cardstock, cut with my Nesties.
Pattern paper to the base and called it a day.

 Oh ya and I used this tape for a embellishment.
Not sure where I got this may have even been from the dollar store?

 The inside of my card.
Are you getting tired of me using recipe cards for the inside of my cards?
Ya, well to bad, lol. I love them, teehee.

I have been getting a lot of questions lately from young or newer women asking me questions about this craft we love so much.
Hubby calls me the Ann Landers of the crafting world, lol.
I love to answer their questions...even though I don't know all the answers.
But the question I get the most is how expensive this craft is.
But honestly it doesn't have to be. Plus most of the ones they are watching have been crafting for years, they have built up their supplies.

I have always created. But when I  started scrapbooking (in the way it is know today), I had a plastic template I bought when I was in public school. I made the rest myself with what ever I could find.
Trace shapes by using dishes or against the
Use what you have, reuse mailings that come in the
Use envelopes that you get at the
Use pop tabs, milk
Cut out your Christmas cards you received from
Left over wrapping paper./
Colour string with markers.
These are just ones that I came up with in a mere few seconds.
Sure it can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be.
We don't need all the latest and greatest of 5 or 10 yrs no one is going to know what was "in" at the time. Nor will they care.
Just do what you love.

Thankful Thursday:
Hubby bought me a teeny tiny photo printer for my P365 for this year.
Made a Thank You card
Didn't have to cook supper again ;)  Thanks Wayne ;)
I did get a good night sleep last night :)
Sticking to my one pop a day for this week
Good blogging friends who leave me sweet messages that bring tears to my eyes. Thank you so much, I wish nothing but the best for you kind hearted ladies.

Hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love the card, simple but so pretty! Enjoy your new little photo printer :0) Hugs!

  2. Love the flourish and tape, they really bring it all together! Woot on the little printer and not having to cook dinner!

  3. Tracy
    Lovely card.
    I am thankful for so many things and one of them is blogging buddies who can make the difference in a day being good or bad.

  4. Sweet card, and I really love the tape you used. Glad you slept well. Thought of you again, watched a rerun of "Face Off" and they did a zombie theme. February will be here before we know it and so will Walking Dead!!! yay

  5. love this card--sooo pretty!

    great tips for those starting out!

  6. Your card is so pretty, I love those colors and I never woulda have known that was tape! So cool! I used all kinds of crazy things when I first started out, you are so right, this hobby can be as expensive as you want it to be. Yah Wayne for the photo printer!!!! He's such a sweetie, now you can print your pics on Friday night and work on your p365 again! Woo hoo!!!! I'll be interested to see how you like your printer, I've been wondering if I should pick one of these up...

  7. Tried to post on your blog last evening, but there was no reply box. Seems to be there this morning.
    Cute thank you card.
    You will get lots of use out of your mini printer. I have one, but haven't used it in a while--needs ink! What brand did you get?
    And you are right about this hobby being as expensive as you want it to be.
    Have a good weekend.

  8. Your card is beautiful. I love the ideas you shared for scrapping on a budget, I love trying to figure out ways to make what I have work. But that doesn't mean I don't love buying new things too! Its just all about finding the balance that works for your budget. Congratulations on the new printer!

  9. Love the stamping on this card and how cute is that tape stuff!

    You sure did take me back to the earlier days of scrapbooking, it was cheaper and maybe a little more satisfying when you made your own embellishments. It still can be, everyone is making their own flowers these days!

  10. yay for hubby and a new printer. Yay for you doing a pretty card, it must be for me- yea, cause I love everything you make.... LOL hoarder. LOL some bring tears to your eyes by sweet words and others like me bring tears to your eyes by the sheer terror of knowing if you hang out with me you will soon need a padded room! ROFLOL

    P.S. don't forget to bring the coke, i am the last padded room on the left!

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  12. Love your Thank You card! Was wondering what Nestability that was? Thanks!

  13. Love your Thank You card! Was wondering what Nestability that was? Thanks!


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