Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An envelope? And a Pity party

I was planning to make one of these for my daughter Heather....do you know what it is?

 I embossed the outline of the image and coloured it in with my Copics.

 It is a book mark...a corner book mark to be exact.
I have been thinking of a way to make a book mark for my daughter Heather.
She is very particular in how she picks out her books and how she handles them.
I don't know how she does it, but after she has finished reading a book you can't even tell she had read it.
She has scolded me a few times for using the wrong type of book mark or putting it deep into the book to close to the spine.....yup she is worse then me, lol.

So I checked YouTube and found some cool origami style ones.
But I thought they would be to bulky for Heather's taste.
So I made this out of an envelope, yup you guessed it, the same ones you get in the mail to mail your payments in.
I was all pleased with myself, only for her to tell me its still to thick.
So she will continue to use the ghost cut out that I had laminated.
I will save this one for me....but not when I borrow one of her books ;)

LOL, I just read this book page, maybe I should have picked a different page, lol.
It is from the last book in the series of the Hunger Games....it really is a great series.

If you were here for the crafts you may want to skip this next part and ignore the rest of this post.
I have been feeling not myself for a couple of years.
Some say its from my dads passing, but I really don't think so.
For one thing some of my health issues are in full force and it is getting me angry.

I am not one to roll over and take it as it comes, I am one to put on the gloves and go in fighting.
But right now, I am feeling fightless. Tomorrow may be a different day.
So I thought I will change the things that I can.
So today Heather and I went for a hair cut. I haven't cut my hair in 2 years......hey, maybe that was my problem, lol.
I got about 8.5 inches cut off my hair and also some bangs.
Of course when I woke up this morning I had a great hair day, lol.
My new cut ;)

I am planning on getting some new clothes that are comfy, yet stylish.
And lastly I am starting my walking again, eating healthier and quitting my Coca-cola.
I know these things are not going to cure me, but hopefully it will help with my funked-up state of mind and body.
One thing I am happy about....my cardiologist is back to practicing. He is only taking a limited amount of patients and is taking it slow. I have a appointment with him this Friday.
So I had the joy of sitting, waiting (for over an hour) to get my blood work done this morning. Of course I forgot to bring a book to read.

Proud Tuesday:
Got a new Do that I am liking so far.
That I didn't have to make supper again today :)
Filled up Ashley's washer fluid in the jeep

What did you do to make you feel proud?

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. (((HUGS))) Hope you start feeling like your young self real soon! I love the haircut! Something I am proud of today is I completed three, almost four layouts! (Did not have the embellishment for the fourth).That is a record for me at home. :-)

  2. That's funny about the book. My FIL is that same way. He let me borrow a few book and it didn't even look like he had opened it. I couldn't even enjoy the book because I was so worried about crumbling the pages, lol. When I gave it back he actually inspected it.

    I hope you feel better. It's not fun being sick that is what made me change...eating healthy at first isn't fun but you get used to it after a while. I'm sure it will be hard for you to give up your cola but it will be worth it in the end. You can do it!

  3. Hoping you will get out of your funk too! That is great about your cardiologist returning

  4. It's very important to make chgs when we're not happy with the results we're getting.

    You are making a step in the right direction!

    Praying for you. Hoping you'll find happiness inside.

  5. Yeap yeap, eating healthy and exercising will make you feel a lot better. You look lovely with your new hair cut. It's great to wake up and have a good hair day. That's a very neat bookmark. I might try to make one too hehe...

    Thanks for stopping by my post today. The donut doesn't have fillings, the center is hollow. The red envelopes are used to give money to kids during Lunar New Year. Have an awesome day Tracy!!! Looking forward to your next creative post.

  6. Aw, Tracy,
    I hope you are feeling better soon. Your haircut looks great. Maybe cut back on the soda to start, not completely going cold turkey.
    I was so down most of last year, but feeling better since my heart procedure. Glad your cardiologist is back to practicing.
    My heart goes out to you. I so understand.
    Big hugs,

  7. Hey Tracey that bookmark is cute and yes I just love to stay in tune with you-tube their are so much talented crafter's out their with so much talent.. When I was to find a new project that's were I tune into....
    Love your hair cut, you look very pretty with that style....
    Women what cycles we all go through, I hope you feel 100% better real soon....
    Take care and stay postive!

  8. Hey Sweetie!
    Sorry your going thru the winter blahs or whatever it may be! I hope you start feeling better soon!I LOVE this bookmark! I am always finding pieces of paper etc to hold my place! lol Your haircut is adorable too!

    Well take care and we'll talk soon!
    {{{ Big Hugs}}}

  9. There is nothing like a new hair do!
    And I find January is depressing, guess it's just the quiet time after being so up-and-at-it with the Christmas month!
    SO! It's a great time for a new 'do' :)
    Good luck at the Doc's :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  10. There is nothing like a new hair do!
    And I find January is depressing, guess it's just the quiet time after being so up-and-at-it with the Christmas month!
    SO! It's a great time for a new 'do' :)
    Good luck at the Doc's :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  11. lol on the book!! great book mark too, I am like heather with books and can't bear to read after someone else if they have spoilt it by folding pages and broken spines etc. Solved all of that now though as I have a Kindle!!
    Hope you feel better soon and great that you had courage to cut so much off your hair,

  12. love your new hair do!!

    remember even the little steps amount up to big steps!!! walking eating right every little thing counts!!! and you know what it is ok to feel down every once in awhile--((((hugs)))))

  13. Very pretty and clever bookmark! Love your new do!
    In my yoga class (which I started for health issues) we are often told to remember what we CAN do, not just what we Can't. Sounds like you are really focusing on the things you can effect. That's wonderful and I'm sure your new clothes and hairstyle will help you feel better.

  14. aww your new do looks really great. Hope you are out of your funk soon and get your health back. Am in similar vote except I have lost my cardmaking funk as well an I have done a huge amount of supply shopping (even some cool la la land stamps) and have so many orders to get done but the funk has set in and am way behind, hubby keeps trying to get me in the studio but its not working :0-(. Ohh retunred the follow on pinterest, now I feel like I am stalking LOL. have a great day

  15. Love your bookmark Tracy! Too bad Heather is not so enthusiastic about it :) I have made corner bookmarks before but not with an envelope - very clever!

    I am sorry you are in such a funk. I know the feeling. Feels like I work all the time and never get outside. I spend time in my craft room and on blogs which is great for my creative state of mind, but is bad for the rest of me I think in some ways. The summer was gone before I really even enjoyed it - I was in my basement in my craft room. I love your new 'do. Sometimes getting my hair cut or colored helps or shopping but I think it goes deeper than that. If your health allows, exercise will probably be one of the best things for you, even walking. I always feel so much better after I have been out (even in the cold) and I wonder why I spend so much time in my house. I will be praying for you dear that you get over your funk and become a happier you :) Big hugs!

  16. Cute new 'do! One of my sweet parents gave me a collection of those adorable corner bookmarks.
    We listened to "the hunger games" on a road trip this summer- so good! Lol on the page choice to show the bookmark!
    Hope the series of changes helps you to feel healthier!

  17. I love the book mark you made! I've never seen one like that before.

    I'm sorry you are in a funk, but it sounds like you are really having a positive mind set. And your new haircut is awesome!

  18. That bookmark is super cool, funny about it being too thick for Heather. My girls do things all the time and Mike says, they are just like you! :) I think they just spend a lot of time with both of us and have picked up some of our habits. I LOVE your new hair! I know how hard it is to cut your hair after years, it really looks great! So glad your doctor is back, I know how much you like him. Here's to feeling better and kicking some a**!

  19. Love the book mark idea! Looks great :0)Cute new do and I'm sorry to hear about your funk. I know what that is like far too much :0) You can pull through this though, you are strong enough when you set your mind to it :0)My proud Tuesday is that I started working on my layouts for the boys books that I am 7 years behind on, got three done last night! Hope you start feeling peppier soon, Hugs!

  20. OMGosh, I loved making these bookmarks...maybe I'll start up again :) LOVE the Do! I was in a rut but now I am exercising and trying to sieze each day!! I wish you some positive {{{vibes}}}, Tracy! xo

  21. The bookmark is so adorable, I have to put it on my list of things to make when I have time, like I guess when my daugher is 10. :-) And, I love the new 'do. Nothing like a new haircut to perk you up. I haven't cut my hair in a long time too. Get some great new comfy clothes (my speed too), and embrace the new you. And, I hope you get to feeling better.

  22. Beautiful bookmark. Good luck with your journey of the new you!

  23. I like your bookmark! I really like that it is recycled and fits over the corner of the page.

    Sorry to hear about how you have been feeling. Hopefully, things will get better soon. Your hair does look nice, though.

  24. Tracy
    First of all, I love your bookmark.
    Second, I can identify with your being in a funk. Sometimes health issues are hard to handle and we just get tired of faking it 'til we make it. But hang in there girl, you will do it.
    Too early in the day for me to have done anything REALLY constructive except bake a cake for hubby. Made a call to see how a friend in hospital was doing. Now comtemplating another card.
    Have a good day.

  25. Tracy, sorry you are not feeling yourself lately. I know exactly how that feels too. I do think that health issues play a major factor in our state of mind. Love the new haircut and seems like you are taking a positive approach. Sometimes its the little things that make us feel a bit better, take care of yourself, Hugz...Kim

  26. Very nice bookmarks Tracy.

    Feel better soon.


  27. Love the book mark :)I could do with a marker like that I am always losing my place in my book :(

    Your hair looks lovely, that was a lot of hair to lose! good for you when i have a haircut i have about half an inch off the ends and i really notice it ! I am a hairdresser to trade. I am so fussy about my hair when I am having it cut or coloured.
    I think your new approach to feeling better is super! our lifestyles can effect our health so much, a good diet, exercise and staying positive is the way to good living. sadly today's world makes all this harder :( The fact you are aware of how you feel is good because you can change the situation. And it seems you have started this already!

    I lost my Dad 6 years ago and it took me a good 3-4 years to deal with it and my life was a roller coaster. I am now getting back to normal (whatever normal is lol)


    Yvonne x

  28. What an adorable idea for a bookmark. I've never seen anything like that. I already told you that your hair looks great so I'm not going to say it again so you get a big ego or anything ;)

    It's okay to have a pity party every once in a while. I just had one the other day. Of course someone had to pipe in their advise of life is what you make of it. I told him to take his advise and shove it, I just want people to tell me they care during this shitty point in my life. For god's sake we can't be smiling and happy every minute of every day. Who would yell at my husband?

    Feel better Tracy, I care about you and I'm here if you just need to leave a rambling comment on someones blog LOL!

  29. Hey Tracy, I love your new hair, nothing like a good cut! I like that bookmark, I can see me giving that a go.

  30. love the book mark, not the stale urine. LOL Love the new do and probably just what you needed to pump up the attitude. I know it helps me get to feeling like a Irish girl again. LOL
    big hugs,Pea

  31. Love your haircut! Cute bookmark!


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