Saturday, January 14, 2012

P365....still working on it

This is a short post as I have been working on my P365.....from last year.
I am still determined to finish last years.
I still want to do one for 2010.....Okay that may be pushing it.

I found this on Pinterest .
Every time we go on a trip and I see those machines that you put in a penny and a buck or two. Then the machine flattens your penny with a symbol of your choice on it.
Well anyway, I do have quite a few of these, as not only do I get one for me, I get one for my girls as well.
Not sure if I would actually wear this, but love the idea of using these in a new way besides puttting them in a scrapbook :)

Like I said I have been catching up on my P365 from last year...I am at the end of June.
It takes me a full day to do a month. But then again I have to wander around the house, and check out to see what every one else is up to.
Check the Internet, you know someone just might have a very important message for me, lol.
Hoping tomorrow I will get so much more completed.

Last night was scrap booking night.
When Sharon and I went to go and pick up (my hot chocolate, her coffee). I asked her if we were going to Tim Holtz or Robins Donuts, lol.
She just asked me did you say Tim Holtz?
Oops I meant Tim Hortons, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. hahaha about your little slip of the tongue!

  2. Ha, love the slip!
    I like the bracelet idea! Dh made a whole lot of these on a trip to Disneyworld a year ago and I did not know what to I might!

  3. now you turn into a brand queen? LOL I had to giggle.
    Okay, where the Hell-O I have I been? I have never, I mean NEVER seen or heard of these machines. Damn it anyway! that would be sooo cool. I find a penny, every time I am out with Mom and have a bad day. I feel it is Dad's way of saying he is sorry. He misses us. I could turn those lovely pennies into charms. DRATS! Okay will have to ask around to see if someone knows where to find one.

    You go girl, get that book done. I know you can do it.

  4. Glad you are trying to catch up on your Project 365. I finally got photos printed for my Dec. Daily and can work on it.
    My girls have tons of those penny souvenirs from when we have traveled places--will have to tell them about this.
    I still would like a treat from Tim Hortons. Ny SIL thinks TimBits are for him, since his name is Tim.

  5. I did take a trip through canada and new england one year so I do know about Tim Hortons but when I saw your post on facebook I didn't get it. The Holtz went right over my head LOL. I wish I could get it together for a 365. One of these days. I'm struggling to keep up with my Life Book projects. I guess I have an excuse of moving but still. Drudging into that dungeon to get anything done is annoying and especially with my mouse that has gotten much bolder since we offed half his family. Good luck on your book, I will have to live vicariously through you for now.

  6. That's a nice way to use those pennies.

  7. Cool idea for those pennies, I have a few from our last Disney World trip. Funny how you have crafting subconsciously stuck in your brain, lol :0) Hugs!

  8. I've not seen this idea, but how cute is that?! It's a cute idea for a girl anyway or you could make a keychain for a guy. I'm going to try to remember this idea. maybe I should just go pin it!

    I have to say that I never heard of the Tim Horton place, so I didn't get the slip of the tongue, but I can see it as an honest mistake! ;^)

  9. That bracelet is SO cool! We always get the girls those pennies too when we're traveling, as do my parents, so they have quite the collection now. This would be a great way to display them! Just think, you could be DONE with P365 from 2011 in a week... Lol

  10. Oh that is so neat! Even though I am usually against chatchkes, I have a soft spot for those pressed pennies. I'm going to have to show this to my daughter. She'd like it too. I couldn't find you on pinterest though (I searched Tracy pressed penny bracelet) so I guess I just have to pin it from here. :-(

  11. Because...I don't know how to really use the whole social networking part of pinterest yet. I just kind of use it for the bookmarks part.


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