Saturday, January 28, 2012

Whats up with Santa?

Yesterday Valentines, today Christmas...whats up with that, lol.
I am working on this mini for a friend of mine that was in the "Pay It Forward" on face book last year.
I am thinking she will use it for her grand children.
So i am going to keep it cutesy. 
I had such problems with this cover. I was so frustrated.
Nothing was working. I stamped and used clear embossing on the frame. I then inked on top. It was too close to the same colour. So I was disappointed.
Then I got some paint on it, so had to fix that up.
Santa didn't stand out on the background so I inked the background paper.
I paper pieced Santa (except for his face I coloured with flesh coloured copics.   \
Santa is still missing something. I thought it might be his eye, but I think it may look odd if I draw it in.....well especially my drawing.
Added some faux snow and put some sparkles in it. Not sure how I am liking that, but it looks better with it then without.
Added these cool die cuts that Schell cut for me :)
I am hoping this looks better in the morning.

Onto My Day:
Wayne went to our cottage to plow the snow and check on things.
I stayed behind and slept :)
I was thinking of going with him, but I didn't even wake up when he left.
Kristy was decorating something for Valentine's day and asked me to help her with the cricut.
Wayne and I watched Tremors ;) 
I caught up on some of my book work.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday, and thanks for all the well wishes about my test results :)
I'm still smiling every time I think of it :)

Tracy :)


  1. The mini is looking pretty cute, but I see what you mean about the eye thing. I'm sure you'll come up with something ingenious. I don't know if you just want to draw his eye closed, but it would be the simplest to draw. LOL!

  2. I think it looks just fine without the eye. The only thing that may work is a tiny black pearl or bling but I still think it looks great just the way it is. And YAY for sleeping in. My son was up at 5:30 this morning and he hit the ground running. Luckily my husband was up making 1000 different things for him for breakfast and I ignored the fact that everyone was awake for at least a little while.

    I have a special blog post coming just for you! I actually got into my scrapdungeon for just enough time.

  3. I just caught up from yesterday. I am so so happy to hear that your test came back well! That is such wonderful news!!

    I love the mini and the Santa. I understand what you mean about the eye, but I'd be afraid to draw it in too, I'm such a terrible drawer! It sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday :)

  4. oo.. you can put a small googling eye. no need to draw it in and it'll be fun to see his eye wobbles around. Your mini looking cute.

  5. needs a bit of blush honey and the holly leaves.
    Great job! Back to work. just peeking in on you.

    1. He has some blush, can't tell by the photo though.

  6. Wow this is sooo beautiful love it.:)

  7. I think it's great! I love the snow effect on the top edge. I love the hanging ornaments too. :)

  8. Pretty cover. Love the shape and details. I really like the snow in particular. Maybe Santa does need an eye. Don't you just hate it when you add layer after layer trying to get the look you want.

  9. What the heck is with Sante?? Can you cut out a practice one and try and see what it would look like with an eye???
    I love the hanging ornaments and the snow and sparkle.
    Glad you got to sleep in, I wish I could!
    I would smile with those positvie test results too!!!!

  10. I like it esp. with all the sparkle! Maybe a googlie eye? Ha! That might verge on just comical and wreck your whole vibe!

  11. So cute Tracy! I love the Santa. Have a great day!

  12. I hate it when a project is not working the way it looks in your head...wish I had a suggestion...
    Have a stamp group coming today, but I am the teacher, so not sure that I will actually create today...

  13. Kristy asked for your help with the Cricut? LMAO! hahahaha! Just kidding ;) I think your cover looks great, and Santa looks perfect the way he is. Schell is the best, isn't she? You know we still haven't gotten ANY snow yet this year? I'm thrilled!!!

  14. Your cover looks great! I'm glad you are using the cutouts I sent :0) Your wonderful news is definitely something to keep smiling about!Hugs!

  15. I think this mini looks great. I don't mind Santa at all...can't wait to see more!

  16. I love the shape of this mini book! I think it is fine, but if you think it needs something~~maybe some holly on his hat? Doesn't that just bug you when you 'think' it's not quite right :)

  17. Great mini, I don't think it needs anything, maybe if you put a fluff ball on the end of his hat with one of those tiny bells you can get at joanns. TFS


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