Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chocolate and some Radioactive substance

What is this you may ask yourself.
It is my daughter Ashley's idea of dessert. LOL.
Her boyfriend Tyler had supper here tonight, and this is what she served him for dessert. A chunk of Toblerone with a plop of peanut butter.
Oh yes, I can't forget the blop of peanut butter on the side ;)

Today I had to go for my Muga scan.
It actually was pretty quick. I didn't even get to read a page out of my book.
You know if I forgot a book to read, I would have been there half the day.

 This was my first injection.
I should have taken a photo of the second injection.
The one that came in a steel box with a toxic symbol on it, lol.

I did remember to get the paper saying that I did get this test done if I get stopped at the border.
I heard that this one girl brought her grandfather for this test, then brought him home.
She then drove over the border and the alarms went off. She didn't have the paper work (as she didn't get the procedure) but the radioactive substance was in the vehicle from the grandfather.

 We won't be going over the border for a bit, so I am sure it will out of my system before then.

That is about all to my day today.
I seemed to be glued to the Internet the rest of the day...thank you pinterest and YouTube, lol.

Thankful Thursday:
For medical technology.
For the Internet, even though it is a time sucker.
For my hubby picking me up a couple of cookies when I was at my test.
They picked up subs and know I don't like my subs soggy :)

Hope you had a creative Thursday

Tracy :)


  1. Nope - not a creative thursday - but planning in my brain what to bring for scrapbook for heart and to our get away - can't wait!
    Tell ashley - regular choc and peanut butter - now that is a desert - must get me some!

  2. Pinterest and YouTube are very good time suckers!

  3. Peanut butter on anything is good. I will have to check pinterest out, only browse the site one time haven't really got into it, yet. hehe.. ;-)

  4. Dessert reminds me of the 70's Reese's peanut butter cup commercials.

    I had the same problem with creativity today too. Pinterest and blogs - bad for creating and losing weight. It was just so yucky here and the hubby working really late & the little one came home sick from school.

  5. The dessert does look good though! I'm glad your test went quickly, and I hope that you don't get stopped at the border. I spent most of the day on the computer too, after I got sent home from work for being sick. Its amazing how much time you can put into Pinterest and YouTube, but it can be a very good thing!

  6. Hope all is Ok with your health. Watch out at the border~!

  7. Those Toblerone bars are yummy.
    Glad your medical test is over. Hope the results turn out well.
    Sorry you didn't get to create.
    I am working on a travel journal for a friend that is traveling to Africa this fall. It is for her birthday.

  8. glad it went quick! Hope the tests are wonderful. one of my favorite bars. never plopped PB on it, WHAT brand of PB makes a difference in this house. Jiff is all I will eat. yes and peanut butter snob! LOL
    Have a great weekend.

  9. you know i have never tried a toblerone--maybe i should!!

  10. Oh yeah that's the way it is with appointments. That's why it's always best to choose your books based on their portability. Just kidding!

    The toblerone still looks yum~! Good luck on the test results.

  11. I love chocolate and peanut butter and I have been known to eat something very similar to that before! :) I'm glad you didn't have to wait long at all, totally know what you mean about not bringing a book!

  12. You can't beat chocolate in any
    Hope all is ok health wise.
    Have a super weekend.
    Hugs Emjay x

  13. Actually, that dessert looks kinda yummy! LOL! I'm glad your scan was quick...kind of crazy that it could cause border alarms to go off! WOW!

  14. Tracy,
    The desert looks yummy especially with the peanut butter on top. But, ew.. gross at the soggy subs, I am with ya there. LOL
    Hugs, Stacy

  15. You just can't go wrong with chocolate!
    Hope all is well with your test!

  16. Hope everything turns out well with your test! The dessert looks yummy! Now I'm craving chocolate with a helping of peanut butter. Time to go for a walk! lol!

  17. There is no bad chocolate. Hope your test comes out well. Happy weekend!

  18. updated my blog and did a video my friend. HA ha! what a great way to start the day. BTW, I still want Chocolate and B.P. thanks to you! LOL

  19. Chocolate is good :) and pb makes a nice topping!
    Hope the tests turn out ok.

  20. I laughed so hard when I seen yhe chocolate with a glob of peanut butter, like everyone says " Who can complain with chocolate". lol
    Hope your tests are ok.

  21. Lol on the dessert! Yikes on the radioactivity!


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