Friday, January 13, 2012

First Layout of the Year

It should actually read "My 1st Layout IN a Year"
I know, how bad eh?
I haven't done a layout in one whole year.
But I love how this one turned out.
It took me all evening to do, and I even worked off a layout I had seen in a magazine.
I don't know which magazine, as I cut them up and put them in a note books over the years.

 I used white card stock and stamped the swirls in red and the sentiment in black.
Inked the edges of everything...but I am sure you already knew that, lol.
The orb above the girls heads are from my chicken light above my desk, its not in the actual photo.
Those photo corners are velour :)  My SIL Sharon bought me a kit that had them included.

 These strips of paper I cut to varying widths and inked them with black ink.
I really wish the photos turned out better as it looks so much better in person.
So happy with how it turned out.

This was so new to me as I always scrapbook double page layouts.
I am going to have a matching page to this one though.
I was going to do our Christmas photo shoot, but all the photos look a bit yellowy.
Funny as hubby used his big boy camera and the photo in this layout was taken with my tiny point a shoot camera :)
See you don't need a big expensive camera to play with the big boys, lol.

Onto My Day:
Went to see my Cardiologist today.
I have a 40% injection fraction to the left part of my heart.....I had 30% back in 2004, so that is an improvement anyway :)
Iron is non-existent...that's nothing new, lol.
I was so nervous to see him, but now I feel so relieved that I did.

Hubby and I did some errands.
Then we went to Boston Pizza for lunch. We had some coupons for a free lunch.
So Wayne got a personal pizza and I got Chicken Alfredo.
Funny thing was the coupons were for us to have a free lunch each, but we still had to pay $11.00 for our pops and my meal was a bit more then the average lunch meal.
LOL, I guess its true, nothing if life is free ;)
Sharon came by for scrapbooking tonight :)

Hope you all had a creative Friday.......tomorrow is sleep in day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful layout! I love your stamping and those photo corners are so cool! I need to find some of those. :-) So glad everything went well at the dr.'s. Take care! :-)

  2. Oh yes, tomorrow *is* sleep in day!! I'm glad the doctor's news wasn't bad. Love the layout. I really like the look of strips but I find they are more work than they look like, lol.

  3. Glad the cardiologist news was okay.
    The lay-out is awesome! My goal is to TRY one this year, lol!

  4. Glad you got good news from the doctors visit, love the jim jams (pyjamas) you make scrap booking look so easy!

  5. It's good to see you haven't lost your touch for doing a great scrapbook pag, even after a year. ;^) I love the papers, are they DCWV? I need to get to work on some pages myself! So many pictures...

  6. Love your page! Glad you are getting back to scrapbooking. The angles on those strips make them look like an accordion fold - very clever. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Awesome layout, great picture to go with it. ooo.. chicken alfredo sounds delicious. Sounds like you had an awesome day. Good news from doc. and free lunch(kind of free) hehe...

  8. Love the strips on your LO! Fellow Pea saying hello. :)

  9. This is a really beautiful page,love the colours and the strips are fabulous too,love this page, fab work.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend.:):)

  10. see all is well. Really happy to hear the good news. Eat some greens girl! LOL
    Lovely layout and yes, it is true you don't need all the fancy ish, but ya could have told me this 2 yrs ago my friend! Geez, a little late there missy! :P
    Have a great week

  11. I'm following you all over the place I can't remember where I leave comments anymore LOL. Love the layout. I think the last layout I did was 6 months ago. I like doing cards so much better but then again that goes in stages. I tend to like my layouts simple and crisp but then again that changes from time to time too.

    You take care of yourself! Glad to hear that there was some improvement.

  12. Love the layout! Before starting my recent quest I hadn't done a layout in 4 years :0) I'm glad to hear you have had an improvement :0) Hugs!

  13. I LOVE your layout!!! My favorite part is the paper strips and how you cut the angles differently, oh and of course inked them :) So happy you have improvement on your heart and that YOUR feeling better after seeing the doctor!

  14. Very pretty layout!!! And it's been WAY longer than a year for me. :-( Oh well. Maybe I'll get going when the new baby gets here.

    Why is 40% an improvement over 30%?

    1. I love this layout! I like the strips going down the side, what a great way to use up some pattern paper scraps! The ornament is adorable, and I love the swirl stamping! Great job! I made a layout using my old MME paper, it's titled "New Smile" on my blog. Love Penny


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