Thursday, January 5, 2012

No need to Kiss a Toad ;)

Today is the last day to enter my 2 Year give away, so if you haven't entered yet go to it, Click Here :)
I am giving myself a challenge. I am not allowed to purchase anymore stamps until I use the ones I have, at least once.
So expect lots of cards and even some Christmas ones ;)

I made another card today :)
I made this one for my sister, Julia. Her birthday is this month :)
This is the paper I was going to use yesterday.
This image looks a bit blurry to either the photo is a bit blurry or I really do need glasses ;)

 I added some sparkle to the little fairy's wings :)
I added glue with the glue pen and added powdered glitter. Turned out lovely, but it sure makes a mess.

 Isn't she a little cutie :)

 I came up with the top sentiment on my own.
I thought it was fitting not only with the image on the card, but my sister is happily divorced, lol.

Onto My Day:
I was pathetic today....I didn't even get dressed. Seriously.
First I slept in, I mean really slept in.
Then everyone was taking showers, so I thought I would do my book work while I waited for the shower to be free. I guess I really got into my work, because before I knew it, it was like 4:00. So what the heck I wasn't going anywhere anyway, so I just stayed in my robe all day.
Funny thing, Ashley boyfriend came over. I hid but then had to go downstairs to get some papers and who do I run into much for be sneaky, lol.

So I have completed my book work for the month, yeah, I balanced :)
But next....Year end.

Thankful Thursday:
I finished month end :)
Making a card.
I got to colour again :)
Another stamp inked step closer to purchasing some more cute ones, teehee.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Haha we have all had days like that.

  2. hehe... She's a cutie. I like how the fairy is in sneakers. That's great you finish your book work. Now more time for coloring and cards. yay!!!

  3. This is a besutiful card,love the image so cute.:)I like the text too.
    Wish you a wonderful day.:)

  4. Really beautiful! when you left a comment yesterday on my blog; did you get chance to see my mini album? I would love to know what you think as I am starting more on scrapbooking.;postID=3290405096356569914

  5. What an adorable card! Love it!

  6. Love the sentiment! Adorable card and I agree on the glitter, it is very messy :0) Hugs!

  7. this is too cute! i can't wait to see all the new cards coming our way!!

  8. Gorgeous card, you've gotta love pyjama days :)

  9. Another great card. Good luck with your challenge! I can't wait to see what else you create with all your stamps.

  10. That little girl is the cutest ever! I love all the sparkle!!! What kind of glue pen do you use? I seem to have the worst luck with all the ones I've tried. Yeah for balancing and I sometimes stay in my robe all day too :)

  11. Very cute! I am glad that you used the paper from yesterday. Now I can see what I was trying to visualize in my head.

  12. Well I'm a little late with thankful thursday but I have a thankful friday because I had someone come and clear out all of the old toys (there were a ton and they were big pieces too?. And they did it for free. I'm thank full that only my car was hurt in a car accident that was MY fault and I'm thankful that I found a new doctor for Damien and me that is really listening and trying to help, although we are paying him enough he should help. I'm thankful the new meds I'm on are working out terrifically and I'm thankful that I have bloggie friends that like when I ramble on their comments after drinking one of those high caffeine energy drinks :)

    The card is really cute I love the little froggy on there, I would almost kiss that frog LOL and I don't need no stinkin' prince either. And there is nothing wrong with staying in your robe all day!

  13. I love the card, and the sentiment you wrote! I love staying in my pj's all day! We usually do that one day during the weekend, its so much fun!

  14. What a very cute stamp, love the saying.

  15. I love the sparkle you gave your birthday fairy! :-) Happy Birthday to your sister!

  16. Such a cute card. The glitter looks wow, but I know it sure does made a mess.
    Glad you were able to balance the books. I am a happy camper when the check book balances.

  17. Cutest little fairy ever! And staying in your pj's ( or bathrobe as Tyler can attest to) fabulous!!:) Glad you balanced.

  18. That is one cute image :)
    Sounds like a great day!

  19. This is such a great image! Beautiful coloring!!! I love this sentiment:)
    I slept in today too...not a good thing at all because my class was at school waiting for me!!! Thank goodness my friend next door got them inside and watched them for me for 15 minutes while I drove like a maniac to get there.

  20. Gee, I didn't think I was behind! How did I miss this one? LOVE the glittery accents- yes it makes a mess, but oh how lovely! I was off Thursday and was sitting in bed listening to gone with the wind while eating jellybellies. Dh unexpectedly came home at 10:30 or 11. Talk about feeling lazy!

  21. Very cute!

    And yes, glitter makes such a mess that we weren't even allowed to use it in our classrooms for YEARS! (basically until we changed janitors)

  22. What an adorable image!!! Can you please tell me who makes that image? I should challenge myself like you did and not purchase any more stamps till I use what I have! Lol


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