Monday, January 16, 2012

P365 back on track

I don't know what has been happening to blogger lately but it is having some troubles. Then I get on here to post and it has all changed around. I don't like change, especially if it has to do with technical stuff.

I have been working like a mad woman on my Project 365 all day today.
Hubby and I went out early this morning and picked up some more ink and paper for my printer.
So that is what I have been doing all day. I am now at the end of August.
I will complete it by the end of the week... I sure hope I didn't jinx myself.
Everyone was asking about my new printer.
Here it is. It is a Canon Selphy CP800.
My hubby picked it out, as he does with all my computer gadget things.
I really like it. What that really means is that it is easy enough for me to use ;)

I have been using my SIL's Epson Picture Mate that she purchased many years ago. Actually we can't even get the refills in town anymore, I get them for her when we go to the States.
I will give you the pros and cons about my new photo printer.
Now for the record I can only compare it to my SIL's.
1. It is tiny enough for me to take wherever I want. You know I do a lot of my scrap booking at our camp so this is perfect for that.
2. It seems to read my jump drive better then the Canon. Sometimes the other one doesn't read all of my photos.
3. It does so many different sizes of photos. They all have to fit on the standard 4x6 sheet of photo paper.
4. The images are crisp and clear.
1. You have to use their special paper. Which is longer at either end. It is perforated and you just tear it off. But this means that you can't use any extra photo paper.
2. You only get how many prints that you have paper. The Epson's ink cartridge went way further than the paper that came with it. So you could just buy more paper and use the ink until it ran out.
Just thought I would share my opinion on my newest purchase. No I don't get anything for sharing this info. Just thought I would pass it along :)

Funny story:
Hubby made homemade soup and I threw some buns in the oven.
Ashley comes home to the table full of Beef Barely soup, perogies, salad and hot buns out of the oven.
Ashley takes a bun and says to me "Pillsbury"?
I look at her shocked. "No, I kneaded this dough with my own hands".
She smirks.
Then Kristy pipes in with "It would have been more believable mom if you had said I had made them".
Then Ashley says "I was thinking the same thing".
Wheres the love I ask, wheres the love, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Monday:)
I did, even though I have nothing creative to share with you all today.

Tracy :)


  1. I found your blog from Two Peas message board. I really like your video on your P365, although it sounds like you have not finished it. Did you keep up with the journaling and taking daily photos? Your video is an inspiration for me to do my own this year (without the PL kit). Are you doing one for 2012?


  2. Yay for getting back on track. I have the same Canon Selphy. The pictures are dye sublimation and laminated so they are waterproof unlike inkjet printers so for that it's good but I really wish they would make longer lasting cartridges that maybe last 100 pictures or at least 50 instead of 36.

    My husband has made bread before. I'll eat the Pilsbury thank you very much.

  3. Tracy
    I am just commenting on the blogger thing. We are having trouble with it too.
    Is there no way we can let them know what is going on?

  4. Lol, ungrateful things!
    Cool printer!

  5. Cool Printer--I also have the Epson Picture mate. Glad you were able to work away on your P365.

    Yum, yum--perogies--I haven't had one of them since I lived in Winnipeg. You make my stomach growl for them. Good job on the home made buns.
    I couldn't comment on your blog again last night--crazy thing.

  6. I'm having problem with blogger too. Sometimes when I click on someone's blog it gives me a blank page. So I change to firefox instead of internet explorer and now it works again.

    Your little canon printer looks so cute.

  7. Love the little printer. can't wait to see your P365!

  8. Yay, crisis averted! That little printer looks so cute. A good colour printer might be my gift to myself, next year, I think =) Happy crafting!

  9. If and when I ever get started on scrap booking I guess I will need a photo printer, another gadget hubby will say, I'm the tetchy gadget girl though and always have to help him out!

  10. oh i hate blogger! for some reason i can't leave comments at home but at work i can--crazy!!

    great little photo printer!!

  11. Tracy,
    Happy to hear you are back working on your project. Seems like a great little printer
    Hugs, Stacy

  12. Yah, back on track!!!! I knew you would be :) I love your little photo printer, I'm thinking I NEED one!!! Cracking up about the buns...

  13. Yay! I'm glad your printer is working now! I love that story about the buns, that is too funny!

  14. Yay for a new printer!!! Mine wasn't working the other day, until I realized it was unplugged.... :/ I tried to leave a message last night, but my computer was having problems. I'm not really doing P365, but am doing Project Life and just doing it my own way... totally LOVE it!!

    Hope you have a great week!!

  15. My daughter loves her selphy, except for the paper thing.

    Soup and biscuits sounds so good for supper! Yum!

  16. How nice of your husband to pick it out...I know you'll get a lot of use out of it!

  17. What a cool printer! TFS! :-)

  18. cool printer but it sounds to me to be cheaper to order prints. I don't do that either. LOL
    Funny story. LOL

  19. Cute little printer! Don't you just love smart allicky kids, they're great :0)Hugs!

  20. The little printer sounds pretty handy in most cases! It seems everything has it's Pro's and Con's tho.

    You sound like you have a fun family, Tracy - it also sounds like your girls have YOUR sense of humor! ;^)

  21. Oh I found the printer post! Thanks I have an apple I wonder if Apple has a small printer like that I have some credit to use.
    Oh I see you have a subscribe by email button down here at the bottom. I'll sign up so I don't miss all this great info.
    This you,


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