Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dreaming of my get away.

Today was another day NOT spent at home.
I long for the day when I get to spend my whole day just lounging, eating bon-bons, checking out blogs, checking out YouTube channels, and crafting the rest of the day. Snap out of it, time for a reality check, LOL.

So Ashley and I went out and exchanged the straightener that we bought yesterday. We didn't like the new one. It tugged at your hair and didn't straighten like our CHI. So we got a new CHI. A funky one teehee.
I went looking for some charms for my decorative tags. I went to Michael's and didn't find any that suited my needs. They did have a lot of really nice charms though.
I was planning on going to a charm shop in town called Jangles(but I kind of forgot). Every time I see this store I think of Jingles :)
I went to the dollar store for some storage containers, and found some other goodies I wasn't even looking for. Funny how that happens.

It was a nice day today, I got 1 load of laundry on the line. Wow I do a lot of laundry LOL.
It rained later in the evening, but I did get a very short walk in tonight before it really came down.

I went to visit my girlfriend Debbie (at her work) so we could book our girls get away. We decided to stay on this side of the border. We are going to Mink Mountain again this year. But we decided to stay at the Falcons Ridge. It has a hot tub and the kitchen table looks big enough for our stuff and for us to scrapbook. We also take over the extra chairs and use them to put our stuff on.
They have excellent hiking trails there. We did them all last year, and let me tell you it was a workout.
Here is an example of the hiking trail. We hit this rope about 10 minutes into the hike. It was to help us climb up part of the mountain.
It was just the 2 of us and the trails weren't marked that well. We kept wondering if we were lost. But it was a BLAST.*Sorry Debbie for posting your picture, but you have the one of me teehee. Plus you look so cute in this one :)

What have you done today to make you feel proud?
1. Went for a walk even in the rain.
2. Bought lots of fruit and plan on eating it.
3. Cutting down on my hydro.

Ya that's all I got. I try to do 5 but could only come up with 3 and I really had to dig for those.
So whats on your list.



  1. what have i done to make me proud...

    1. didnt go on strike
    2. got ingredients to make some soup tomorrow for aerlie and john
    3. causing trouble
    4. sorta cleaning up my room. almost done unpacking :P

  2. Wow - that is one funky flat iron! LOL!!

    Lucky you, going away on a girls trip! I think I need such a thing!!!

    What have I done to make me proud? Hmmm....nothing really....but I did get asked to be on TWO more design teams - neither of which I applied to, so that's pretty exciting!

  3. It sounds like a lovely day! I am so happy that you have a regular reminder of ME! LOL! And that straightener is really cool. I want one, but not for my hair - it's straighter than anything in nature. HA! I want one to iron ribbon and small fabric strips! It just seems handy! LOL!

  4. funky hair tool eh? I ate fruit instead of chocolate that I really really wanted but as I just found out I am diabetic....it pissed me off I can tell you but I WILL still eat chocolate but not so often. so there.... Mrs Angry today perhaps I need the chocolate to make me calm and sweet again. lol

  5. I am the same with my flat iron... can't live without it! That's why I don't camp ;) Sounds like a great trip you have planned!!

  6. I dunno about the girl's get away, but that day at the house lounging with no housework sounds like a dream! No really, the trip sounds fun too, especially the hike! I'm proud that I managed a phone call to the taco place that's going to cater my wedding. Phone calls take a lot out of me. :-)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful getaway!
    I'm proud that I walked today during my lunch break even though I was feeling lethargic.

  8. <<Thinks Tracy should plan her next girls get away to Hilton Head Island. LOL Now that would be fun!!

    hmmm what have I done..
    1. Spent time with my fiance today!
    2. Went to the mall and left empty handed..(Yeah I know) LOL
    3. Cleaned up my scrap drawer full of scraps ..organized them by cardstock & Pattern paper
    4. Called my Mom
    5. Started another mini alblum for my son whos a fireman (First one got lost in the mail)
    6. Made a birthday card for my fiances nephew
    7. Talked to someone who needed encouragement
    8.Reminded my son to call his Dad to wish him Happy Birthday
    9. Thats bad I can't think of anything else..lol


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